How to Start the Moving Day

If you’re moving, it’s a good idea to start packing in advance. How can you save time on the day of your move? Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Inventory your belongings and separate them into piles by type (kitchenware, books, clothes). This will make it easier when deciding what to pack and what to leave behind.
  • Start with the rooms that don’t need much preparation before packing up and label boxes accordingly. Pack any fragile items first, so they don’t get broken during transit.Keep a running list of all the little things that have to get done

Set aside time to pack up sentimental items or anything that you can’t replace.

Make sure your car is full before starting on empty rooms, and don’t forget to include any necessary tools for assembling furniture when packing.

And finally, try not to overpack – it’s better to have plenty of space than too little! It will also make unpacking at your new home much easier.

Put into place kid or pet arrangements early in the morning

Having kids or pets running around can complicate moving day. Start by discussing the timing and logistics with your pet sitter or family members who are babysitting.

You can also set up some ground rules like only letting pets out when supervision is available to minimize any accidents in the new home.

If you’re moving with kids, pack their favourite toys and make sure they know not to touch fragile items on moving day as it may break them during transit. You’ll know that things went smoothly if everyone’s happy at bedtime!

Make sure your phone is fully charged.

You probably won’t have a lot of time to sit for mobile phone charge during the day. Make sure it’s fully charged before you start packing and move on to other things like getting your dog’s carrier ready for a walk or doing some last-minute laundry. Take one last tour of each room with your family so everyone can say goodbye to their favourite spots in the house.

You’ll want to snap plenty of photos (including selfies!) as memories from this time will be fleeting – don’t forget about that armoire where all those toddler clothes are stored or that spot under the stairs which was always cluttered with shoes! You might also want to have someone take a panoramic shot of your whole condo for posterity.

Moving Day2

Leave out some basic cleaning supplies.

Hopefully, you’ve already done your deep clean, but don’t forget to leave out a few supplies for your movers. It would help if you had some garbage bags, dish soap, sponges and paper towels handy to make the day easy on them – but be sure not to pack these items or else you might find yourself having to unpack when you get home. Do a final sweep of any small objects like books and papers. You’ll want to lock up all valuables such as jewellery, cash, passports and medications before leaving too. Check that there are no broken mirrors in the house or anything lying around that could damage your floors if it falls off; this is also a good time for one last check under beds and couches.

Do one last walkthrough.

Before you lock up the house, make sure nothing is left behind. Once that’s done, and your home is empty of all furniture, it’ll be time for a last big clean before you leave. The first thing on moving day morning is usually grabbing coffee – but don’t forget breakfast too! If there are any recipes or food items that need prepping in advance (like homemade soup), now’s the time to do that as well. Next will come packing; depending on how much stuff you have, this can take anywhere from one hour to ten hours, so get started early enough and really plan out what goes into boxes by category (clothes, books, kitchenware etc.).

Dress appropriately

As you figure out how to be ready for moving day, make sure to prioritise not only how you look but also what your clothing says. How do I know? Consider this example: You’re moving with two kids, and the movers are going to pack up all of their toys too. Your son is feeling left out because he didn’t get much more than one toy in his bedroom – so now when they arrive at your new place, as soon as he sees those boxes full of his favourite things come through the front door. He’s ecstatic! But wait- if you dressed like that on moving day morning (like sweats and no makeup), then chances are slim he’ll be happy later on when it comes time for playtime.

Moving Day3

Take important paperwork/valuables with you.

This can be a bigger deal for long-distance moving, but as you figure out how to be ready for moving day, make sure to take any important paperwork with you. During unpacking, smaller documents can easily get lost in the packing paper shuffle. Take your social security card, driver’s licence, important medical documents and all that other personal paperwork you don’t want to forget about with you on moving day. Cancel services/pay bills ahead of time. If any utility or service lines are coming in your old place for the new one, make sure to cancel those before moving is underway! If you’re not sure what will be transferred over automatically after porting a number (like cable), call them up beforehand and ask how much notice they need to take care of this changeover. For some providers, it can get expensive if the cancellation comes too close to the move-out date.

Set Aside the Items That Are Not to Be Loaded on the Moving Truck

This is a list of some items that are not to be loaded onto the moving truck on movers day:

  • Your kitchen table and chairs; it’s going to take up too much space.
  • Large appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher or clothes dryer; they’re bulky and will need extra help getting into the new place once you get there.
  • How about those old couches? They’ll weigh down our dollies with their bulkiness and even stress out your landlord if we bring them in as part of this transaction! Just trust us – these are all better off staying behind for now.

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