How To Skyrocket Your Home Value With A Finished Basement

The basement can be more than another room in your house. Transform this space, and you may use it for other functions other than storing valuable possessions. Moreover, remodeling the basement may become a practical choice in increasing your property’s value, especially if you’re planning to sell the house. 

Here are three ways to transform your basement and skyrocket your home’s value:

1. Create An In-Home Entertainment Center

Basements tend to have colder temperatures than the rest of the house. Many homes tend to have their basements below ground, which makes for excellent spaces for cozy environments. Comfort is the ideal trait of an in-home entertainment center, and you may remodel your basement to emanate this characteristic.  

Start by selecting the gadgets and devices you’ll install for your basement remodeling Colorado Springs (or anywhere you may be in the world) project. Do you want a 40-inch TV mounted on the room’s wall?  Perhaps, a ceiling-mounted projector showcasing 60-inch images on a screen is a better idea. 

Also, don’t forget about easy access to refreshments. Remember, convenience can be a major factor in providing comfort in relatively any space in your home. Hence, consider adding appliances, like refrigerators, in the room so that you or your guests don’t have to walk to the kitchen and back to grab a cold drink. 

Additionally, consider the lighting in the room. Many home entertainment systems prefer to live in dark environments. But, you don’t need to devoid the space of light. Instead, install accent lighting in key locations. Thus, you can set the mood when watching movies on a relaxing Sunday night, without risking bumping your shins or toes on nearby furniture. 

2. Make A Children’s Play Area

Do you want to target a family to become the new homeowner of your property?  If so, consider letting your basement remodel project to involve transforming the space into a children’s play area. 

You can start by creating a safe environment for the kids. Cushion the floor by placing relatively inexpensive yet comfortable carpet tiles or interlocking foam mats on the ground. These items are quite easy to install, plus purchasing them may not cost ‘an arm and a leg.’

Next, remodel the area’s lighting. Keep lighting fixtures away from playing children. Many kids tend to pay no heed of their surroundings, causing them to bump into things that may endanger their wellbeing. Thus, consider keeping the lights as high as possible to prevent accidents. Perhaps, the best place for the basement lights would be at the ceiling; otherwise, consider installing recessed or tracked lights for the area. 

Play room in a  white basement living room

Play room in a white basement living room

Moving forward, consider painting the room’s walls in vivid colors. Many children tend to have their faces light up with anticipation, excitement, and glee when they see bright tones. Painting the walls in ‘fun’ colors may transport the kids’ minds into another dimension full of mystery and wonder. 

Make sure to find a reliable remodeling contractor to help you transform the basement into a safe and enjoyable location for children. The professional service should help put ideas into a reality without compromising vital characteristics for the basement, particularly overall security and functionality for children. 

3. Add A New Bedroom

Many basements tend to have comfortable temperatures as they’re below ground level. These comfy environments may become the perfect setting to sleep during those warm summer nights. 

If you plan to transform your basement into a bedroom, consider starting the process by measuring the area. Some basement remodeling plans tend to fail when put into action because of failing to measure the space’s dimensions. After all, you don’t want to install a king size bed into a relatively small basement that can only cater to a queen size bed frame. 

Don’t forget to search and look at basement remodeling ideas online. Find inspiration while browsing reliable online portals to help develop your plan for the new basement bedroom. However, note that remodeling the basement without a plan may still work. It’s like painting over a blank canvas without knowledge of the final output. However, without developing and implementing well-thought strategies, DIY projects may increase the risks of remorse by the project’s end. 

Prevent this concern by creating a checklist. List every step from the beginning to the end of the remodeling operation. Then, scratch out each list item upon completion. That way, you’ll know that your basement renovation plans are going the right way.


Transform your basement into an in-home entertainment center, children’s play area, or bedroom to help increase your home’s value. Remember to hire reliable contractors for the remodeling if you’re not too confident about your DIY skills. 

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How To Skyrocket Your Home Value With A Finished Basement

The basement can be more than another room in your house. Transform this space, and you may use it for other functions other than...

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