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How to Replace a Garage Door Seal: Useful Information and Lifehacks!

How to Replace a Garage Door Seal: Useful Information and Lifehacks!

Have you ever had any problems with your garage door? There are some popular problems which you can solve yourself and don’t need to call the technician. One of those problems is replacing the garage door seal. This is a simple job. You will save a lot of time and money, doing it yourself.

You may ask why you need to replace the garage door seal. The problem is next. Rubber always deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced.

This is a very simple job so everybody can do it easily! But you should understand that every garage door seal is different, so, maybe, you should ask a garage door company to help you with fixing this problem (it’s good to have a company you can rely on in every difficult garage door situation so you can ask Up and Down Garage Doors for garage door services! They can help you every time you will need them!)

How to replace a seal on a metal overhead garage door? You just need to pull it out and change it! So we offer you a description of actions to ease this process for you! Let’s go!

Important notice! Before replacing a garage door seal you need to purchase a new weather strip. It basically looks like a piece of flat rubber, so we can easily bend it and slide it into a track. To buy a good strip, have a look on your door before you go out to purchase it.

  • Two skewers hold that weather strip in a place on the track. You need to remove screws and that rubber strip will slide along (the rubber was pinched in plastic track with that screw, and now it can easily slide).
  • Pull the old worn-out strip out of the track and slide it out of the end (in the end you will find one more screw, so remote this one too)
  • Bring the door down just at the comfortable height to work out.
  • Feed the new rubber seal the weatherstrip into the track (into two grooves). The rubber is T-shaped, so it will easily slide into.
  • Hold one hand and pull with another hand that rubber.
  • Slip in all the way along the track to the bottom of the door.
  • Fix the track up with a screw back after sliding all the way through. You should do it for keeping the rubber track from sliding off the door
  • Take a knife and cut off the rest of the rubber.
  • Well done! There is nothing more to do!



  1. If the rubber doesn’t want to go through because the track is a little bit crushed, you can use a knife to help yourself. But be careful!
  2. If the track is tight, you may use silicone spray. It will definitely help you, and the rubber will guide you through the track easily.
  3. It is a lot easier with two people to do this. Because the rubber tends to stretch, and one person can’t reach both ends.

Great lifehack of the garage door company with the most professional garage services Up and Down Garage Doors: you can slide foam rope inside the bubble of the weatherstrip. It will fill in some gaps if you have any.

After reading this information you will ensure that this is pretty easy and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to do this. But this easy step can get your seal better on the garage and don’t have snow and cold, or rain blowing in your garage.

You can do a lot of things yourself but when you don’t have enough time the garage door company can save your time and money. In a difficult situation when you need garage door replacement or some other services, Up and Down Garage Doors can help you! Be confident that you can always rely on this company, and they will get you the highest level of services for the best prices.

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