How to Remove Decals off Your Car



Badges and car decals are things that we usually put on our vehicles in an attempt to make them stand out. We want our vehicle to be an extension of our personality, and the badges and decals will let it happen. The problem that many of us face is that at some point, we seem to outgrow whatever we put on the car and want to remove it so that we can replace it with something that shows another aspect of our personality.

Many people think it would be difficult to remove badges and car decals, but that is not the case at all. As long as you’ve got the proper equipment and don’t try to rush through the process, it’s easy to remove a chrome auto decal. Permanent adhesives are not, of course, truly permanent, but will be difficult to remove within days of application to your car or truck.


The great thing about removing the chrome auto decals you have attached to your car over the years is that you will not have to go out and buy any special equipment. All the tools you need are in your home; you just need to get them together. Items you need to remove chrome auto decals that you no longer want include a pair of pins, a hot dryer, and a wire length. With these three things, you ‘re ready to detach your old chrome auto decal and make room for the new one that you’ve been dying to show off. If possible, try to make sure that the pins and the wire are coated with plastic, which reduces the chance that you accidentally scratch your car’s paint job.

Use the pins and gently tug at the corner of the car decal. Continue to pull. Each time the auto decal feels like it doesn’t pull out, slide the sire between the decal and the car to break through the grit and the dirt that holds it in place. Make sure you keep your movements as smooth as you can.

The very last thing you want to do when it comes to removing your old chrome auto decals is just rip them off. While pulling might get them off the car, the auto decal would most likely be ruined. By heating the decal before you use the wire and pins to gently remove it from your car, you’ll be able to pull it free without destroying the decal and, more importantly, the finish on your car.


If you remove your chrome auto decal and notice that there is a sticky residue where the decal used to be, you are going to have to use warm water and soap to remove the residue. The warmer the water, the easier it will be to remove the residue. After removing the auto decal, you are going to want to make sure you’ve stored the decal in a safe place where it won’t be lost. Be careful when removing the auto decal and hire the services of a professional. Removing decals can be similar to removing car window tinting, whereby the use of heat and or steam can be effective in loosening the bind with glue.

You may also notice that after the service that there can be an imprint on the paintwork and this discrepancy is due to the fact that one area is exposed to more sunlight than the other. In other words, more wear and tear has taken a beating on the areas not protected by the decals. To alleviate the mismatch in color it is always essential to have a professional car detailer to service the vehicle by following through with an exterior cut and polish detail. How well the outcome is created will really depend on how long the decals have been there and how much wear and tear has settled into the paint. A new car with decals not on for too long will have a lower chance of this mismatch than say an older car of 20 years with stickers across its whole lifetime.

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