Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm Over Winter


Keeping Your Home Warm Over Winter

Winter in Australia is fast-approaching. Arguably, the country’s cold season is one of the most anticipated winters in the world. It features not just the winter wonderland effect to its attractions, but also a great experience for many travellers and locals alike. Although an excitement to some, winter has its share of freezing atmosphere to Australian households. Keeping warm amidst the cool and frosty air is still a challenge for hundreds of homeowners.

To alleviate the concern of living in a cold and arctic season, below are tips to keep your homes warm over the winter:

Open the curtains

There’s nothing better than getting free heat from the sun. To maximise the sunlight entering your home, open the curtains. Let the sun shine freely inside your home during the day. The sun’s rays will give enough warmth and keep your rooms insulated. When it’s about nighttime, make sure to shut your curtains. It adds another layer of insulation to your home. Thermal types of curtains work better in keeping your home warm over winter.

Maximise your insulation

Maximise your insulation
An average of 42% of heat loss may take place if there is not sufficient insulation at home. This won’t help you secure enough warmth inside your homes. To avoid it to happen, maximise your installation and get a good amount of heat for your household – enough to protect your family from the cold winter winds outside.

Make use of your radiator

Although old-fashioned, radiators are the widely used heating machine during winter. To get enough heat inside your home, make sure to move the furniture that may block the radiator or vents. By doing this, hot air will circulate freely inside your stead.

Install a programmable thermostat at home

Research has shown that a thermostat can provide more warmth compared to an outdated radiator. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can control the amount of heat you want to circulate at home. Aside from this smart innovation, it is cheap and accessible. It can be controlled via mobile. It provides easy heat access to homeowners.

Add rugs inside your rooms

It’s the little things that matter. During winter, it’s not advisable to walk around your house barefooted, especially if you’ve got hard floors or tiles. Make use of old but thick rugs and lay it on every part of the house. Initially, it will just help keep your feet warm, but it also adds finesse and fashion to your home.

Seal leaks and holes

Seal leaks and holes
Leaks and holes around your house may call for regular home maintenance. Check every corner of your home and figure out where these leaks and holes may be. Notice that there may be some cool draft out of nowhere. Use adhesives to repair leaks that allow cool air to come inside or warm air to escape outside.

Schedule regular house maintenance

Cold shower during the winter season is not a good idea at all. To ensure continuing hot water supply, especially in the cold winter days, regular plumbing maintenance is a must. Call for a service provider that has the most reliable gas hot water plumbers in your area. Get professional help to fix the plumbing system in your home to avoid living in a frigid condition.

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