5 Interesting Secrets You Must Know About Commercial Window Cleaning



You might already know that clean building creates a great impression. If you have noticed then windows are the most neglected parts of the office. All the cleaning impressions go down the pit if your windows are dirty. There are few things which you need to know today about commercial window cleaning.

Quotes for commercial window cleaning

The first step which you will probably invest your time in is contacting different cleaning services. You need quotes from different commercial window cleaning services for comparison.  While taking quotes make sure to give the complete information about the number of windows which need servicing, the size of the windows, and accessibility of the windows.

If your building owns standard size windows and if they are constructed of typical material then you can get the quote over the phone. But if you have special windows at your workplace then the ideal option is to schedule an appointment for a site visit.

Additional Fees for commercial window cleaning

You cannot rely on the word of mouth. Your servant may claim that there is no hidden fee but you should not take any risk.  You need to realize that every window is different and the equipment required varies for special window cleaning. The service cleaning may not give you these additional fee rates when quoting the initial price, but you need to be prepared. The cleaning company may face different abrasion issues while cleaning the screens. So be sure that they inspect the place first and estimate the cost. Else you will have to pay the overhead bill which will come unexpectedly.

Commercial window cleaning time frame


Many times people fail to understand the correct time frame for window cleaning.  It is important to know how long your cleaning process will take. If a commercial building is small then the period is typically short. But if the building is a challenging one then the process can take longer than expected. This delay must be expected for the complications and thus all the measures must be taken so the customers do not suffer in any way. Many companies go for shutting down the company for a day or two entirely so there is no interruption or inconvenience created for the workers.

Preparation for commercial window cleaning


The next most important thing which you should keep in mind is to prepare the stuff beforehand for keeping prices under control. You can prepare the windows by removing the unnecessary objects which might be hindering the space. If you can afford the preparation cost along with the typical cleaning charges then any commercial window cleaning service will take care of it for you.

Hiring process

Next and the most important secret which you must know about the commercial window cleaning is about the proper hiring process. You need to make sure the service is licensed and has a great reputation. The worst one can do is to hire untrained and uninsured individuals for working on commercial windows. If you are not sure about the company then you can always ask around for the recommendations.

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