How to Quiet a Generator For Camping and Home: Tips You Should Know

The noise of a power generator can spoil all the fun for you no matter where you’re using it. While camping with a power generator, you’re likely to miss the quiet experience that lured you out in the first place. Using it to power, home appliances may not be great at all with all the noise. The usual joy you derive from watching your TV or listening to cool music may elude you as well due to the irritating sound. The good news is that there’re several proven strategies for reducing the noise of a power generator.

But before we share them, let’s divert a little to understand why such an important machine makes noise.

1. The Technology Behind It

That’s right! One of the reasons for the noise lies behind the way the generator was made. Some big bucks with strong engines and high watts will be noisier than their smaller counterparts. A small-sized generator with lower wattage is usually quieter. At least, using a 4000W generator can be more controllable.

Also, many of the inverter generators in the market are usually quieter due to the tech behind them. So, consider some of them because they tend to make little noise. Another technology is the soundproofing measures used by the manufacturers. If there such things as rubber covering the engine, Eco modes or Smart control switches, it’s also expected that such devices will be quieter.

2. How you use the generator.

Many generator engineers will point two things out to you, the positioning and the soundproofing methods. Always ensure that the generator is positioned appropriately to stop it from producing unwanted sounds. Also, ensure that you’ve taken some measures to mitigate the noise by employing some good soundproofing measures.

There are many DIY users who kept a collection of portable propane generators with whom they perform experiments. Such people have a great sort of information that helps them to minimize noise levels. Many of them even sell customized generators and make a high sort of money.

Now that we’re acquainted with little details about the reasons for such noise let’s see how to prevent our devices from disturbing the environment.

How To Quiet A Generator For Camping And Home

1. Choose the best position

Choose the best position

If you place a portable generator anywhere near your camping site or sitting room, be rest assured that the noise will be worrisome. At least while camping, take it far to 20ft away from where you pitched your tent. Try to get the volume of noise expected from your generator through the decibel measurement. Once you’ve gotten, it will be easy to place it right.

2. Soundproof the generator.

If you take this measure, it will eliminate the need to place your generator very far away from your campsite or home. One way to achieve this is to make a soundproof box, especially if you’re using it at home. But if you must take it out to camping trips, invest in a few rubber legs to stop the vibrations from the machine.

3. Change the muffler

Power generators indeed makes noise but when it becomes unmanageable or uncontrollable, dig deeper to the exhaust muffler. Once you notice that something is wrong with it, buy a new one. But get the right one by following the recommendation of a repairman or specialized mechanic. They can show you where to find or make the right one for your generator.

4. Ensure that the exhaust pipes are placed right

Ensure that the exhaust pipes are placed right
Another available strategy is to ensure that the venting pipes works perfectly by keeping the exhaust at a vertical position. Horizontal positioning of the exhaust moves air outside and spreads the noise close by. But once the exhaust remains vertical, the noise goes up instead and not around your location.

5. Use a Sound Deflector

This device is not meant to turn a noisy generator to a quiet one, but it can keep your environment quiet. How? By diverting the noise from your position to somewhere else.

6. Buy or make a generator baffle box

You can buy a muffle box from the store or make one at home. This enclosure helps to capture the irritating noise in its space and enable you to enjoy some quiet. But, ensure that the venting system is taken into considerations to avoid a fire. Also, provide a space to access the generator controls for convenience.

7. Invest in a quiet generator

Invest in a quiet generator
Instead of struggling all the time with DIYs or experiencing many frustrating attempts, buy the quiet models at once. Don’t waste time and money when you can choose the best one immediately. You can find a collection of quiet generator and pick the best capacity for your home and camping expeditions. The watts may not be as high as the noisy ones, but it’ll serve your purposes.


Many brands of camping generators are out there, and you can find the right pick amongst them. Some of them are powerful, makes lots of noises but produces higher watts. There’re still others that are quiet with high watts to carry your home. Your choice will depend on your preference. But whatever happens, don’t allow the noise to deter you when there are many tips on solving it.

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