How to Prepare For a Long Distance Move

Moving can be very stressful for anyone, regardless of whether it is your 1st time or your 5th time because the task remains daunting every single time. It is not easy to pack everything you own, move, unpack and then start all over again. However, sometimes we absolutely cannot avoid having to move, so we must do it the right way. A lot of people can end up making blunders that end up affecting their moving process, but as long as you are prepared and ready, things should be fine.

If you happen to have to move a long distance, be it the opposite end of a large city, to a different city or country, things can get trickier to deal with. Of course, there will be some added precautions and measures that you will need to take to ensure that the move goes smoothly. You need not worry because we will try to guide you through the entire moving process. In case you happen to need movers, you can check out

Setting a Moving Date

You must sit down and decide the exact day you are supposed to move out and vacate your premises. This will give you a deadline to prepare and will help you stay on top of things. The entire process of moving everything can take anywhere between 1-3 days so you need to give yourself that leeway in your estimate as well.

Choosing Your Moving Company

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While you might be tempted to move everything yourself, you must realize that this is not possible, especially when you are dealing with a long-distance move. Even if you do try to do it, it will end up costing you a lot of money and adding more stress than you already do not need.

You need to make sure that you choose a reliable moving company for this. You want a company that has prior experience doing long-distance moves, and you want to check their reviews and look through feedback to see if previous clients had a good experience with them or not.

With long-distance travel, depending on the distance, a moving company can take anywhere between 1-6 days to move your stuff. You need to make sure to get an estimate of how long it would take for them to bring your stuff, and once you have that estimate, you can pack a few essentials for the new place so that you can manage once you get there.

Setting a Checklist

Writing down a complete list of all of the tasks that you need to do up until moving day will help you make sure that you are thorough and don’t miss out on any important task.

Declutter Before Packing

Do not start packing things immediately. The best way to make packing quicker and easier for yourself is by decluttering first. By getting rid of all of the things you want to throw away, donate or sell, you can lighten your packing load immensely. This can end up meaning less packing for you, and less weight for the mover to carry, which means not having to spend as much money. So, always make sure to declutter and sort through everything before you start packing.

Packing The Right Way

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If you are going to start packing, you want to make sure that you have an organized system. This means packing things that belong in the same category or fit the same theme will go in one box. You can then label what each box has in it as well so that it becomes for you to find things when you are unpacking once again. If there are multiple people involved in the mood, you should also add the name of the person to their respective boxes of belongings so that confusion is avoided afterward. Labeling the fragile boxes will also help since it will let the movers know that those have to be handled with care.

Updating Your Information

A lot of people do not know this but when you are doing a long-distance move, you have to get that information changed on several legal documents, including your driver’s license. For a better idea of all the documents that might need changes, you can call in a legal consultant or ask other people around you so that you have updated all of your information.

Moving Season

A lot of people end up moving during the summer, and that is the popular option. However, the problem here is that summer is the peak season for moving companies so moving costs are a lot higher. However, if you decide to move during the off-season which is between fall to winter, you can end up saving a lot of money with the moving costs and everything else. However, this is a decision you have to make for yourself.

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