How to Pick Up the Best Portable Air Conditioner?

A portable air conditioner, as the name itself suggests, is a type of air conditioner that is easy to move from one place to another. Portable air conditions are a revolutionary invention in the world of technology as air conditions are the first need of people in the hot summers and irrespective of the huge cost of window or PTAC, people have to buy these air conditioners for their shops, showrooms or work areas. But now portable air conditioners are solving these problems and are welcomed widely with its portable feature at a reasonable price. To complete all the queries regarding best portable air conditioner, here, are some points that will be discussed.

Why should you consider a Portable air conditioner?

Things to consider

Portable air conditioners are designed in a way to ensure smooth mobility. It comes with caster wheels. Unlike the installation of window or PTAC that require a trained technician, the installation of portable AC’s is much easy and can be done by following DIY instructions. These features make the portable air conditioner much efficient and can easily be carried from one place to another without the help of technicians. So this is the best option to opt for especially for the rented properties.

Things to consider before buying a portable air conditioner

There are many features portable air conditioner comes up with like electronic or manual control, auto restart function, timer, EER, Louvre and swing, Heater option, CFM, noise level, and UL safety. Before buying the portable AC, one should ensure that all the features that you require are there.


Portable air conditioners are very cost effective and efficient cooling solution that is available in the market with various designs and features. It costs much less than central air conditioning and also requires less installation charges. Portable air conditioner consumes less electricity as compared to other AC’s. So by all ways, it is cost effective and cheaper than other air conditioners.

Room Size

When buying any Air conditioner, considering the room of size is an important thing to do, to decide what type of air conditioner will be enough to get the proper and adequate cooling. Like other AC’s portable AC’s measure its power in BTU’S. The more BTU in an AC means, more cooling power in an AC. To know the capacity of the AC as per the space, there are some assumed guidelines like if a room is 1200 cubic feet 7500 BTUs will be enough, for 1600 cubic feet, 9000 BTUs will be enough and so on. Keep in mind that you may need less BTUs if you live in a cooler region.

Energy Use

Energy Use
The use of energy by a portable air conditioner varies depending upon the environmental conditions and model of the ac. The power needed to run an AC is related to its Energy efficient rating. Most PACs require regular ménage 115/120 Volt power with no special wiring. It is always suggested to avoid overloading the circuit with several high energy consumption devices, as the air conditioners draw a significant amount of electricity.


Portable air conditioners can easily be vented by using window kit accessories, through the double-hung windows, also known as vertical sash windows. The window kit can also be used to vent some other models of portable air conditioners through a sliding window. For venting, Sliding glass doors are much more complicated than simple window installation.

If the ac has sliding glass door installation, we should use at least two installation window kits together by securing it with screws as they together can cover the door opening. While installing a portable air conditioner in the door frame, Plywood and Styrofoam can also be used as covering and insulation medium.


A portable air conditioner can create a lot of noise when turned on. The amount of noise it is making depends on how and where we have set it and if the unit is old or new. When the ac becomes old, it can start making noise. To reduce the noise, we can use large rugs or thick carpets to place the portable air conditioner on it to reduce the noise of its vibration.


The installation of a portable air conditioner is much easier than central, split or window AC. It can be installed without the help of trained technicians. You just have to follow some instructions, and you are ready to install the ac yourself. Though installation of portable air conditioner also varies from model to model, still the set up is absolutely quick and easy. To throw the warm air outside the room, a window kit is needed to be placed. Window kits consists of a exhaust hose along with a window slider that can be placed up to throw the warm air outside. Setting up of the exhaust hose and window kit is the only thing that is needed to be done, after that you just have to plug on your ac and enjoy the cool air.


Features of portable air conditioners that can make your experience better are:

  • CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. The more the CFM is, the cool air will be scattered to the maximum area.
  • Auto Restart function- When the electricity cuts off suddenly, the unit will turn off on its own.
  • Control- the Portable air conditioners are available with manual and automatic control. The manual control comes with fewer functions as compared to the automatic one. The automatic one
  • comes with a display of room or set the temperature with remote control.
  • The timer function is a significant feature to off or on the AC whenever you want.
  • Swing is the feature used to direct the flow of air and make it reachable to the required place.


Almost all the information is shared here regarding Portable air conditioners to give you a better idea of these air conditioners before installing. Portable air conditioners are equally effective in cooling, and along with that, these are easy to be installed and easily movable from one place to another. These are cost effective and long lasting as well. So considering all these points, portable air conditioners can be recommended as a better option.

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