How to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and this where many families spend most of their time. We have given a few tips to help you have a kitchen that is highly functional and also give it a modern feel that your neighbors, friends, and family will adore spending time in.

Install an Island Unit

If you have room in your kitchen, it is a great idea to install an island unit to help free up space. Island units not only look elegant, but they also give you much more workspace. A U-shaped unit will allow enough room for a cooker and space to have a breakfast counter for the family to enjoy snacks. Many island unit designscarousel designs you can choose will give plenty of storage for plates, pots, and cutlery, making it easy when preparing meals with all the items you need, right at hand.

Maintain Working Useful Appliances

Maintain Working Useful Appliances

Modern kitchens today are equipped with any number of useful appliances, but as time goes on, some either get pushed to the side (When was the last time you saw your fondue set?) or can be used so much as to require a replacement or at the very least a good once-over to make sure they’re in good working order. Make an inventory of all the regular use devices and inspect them for wear and tear problems or faults. A variety of issues are possible, especially if the machines in questions fall into the category of “daily use”, from your coffee maker’s infuser getting stuck to your blender no longer blending due to dull blades, You know dull blade make your favorite blender worthless that’s why you need to troubleshoot these and ensure that all your favorite appliances are good to go the moment you step inside the kitchen. you need to troubleshoot these and ensure that all your favorite appliances are good to go the moment you step inside the kitchen.

Hang a Chalkboard on Your Wall

To give your kitchen a family feel, you can hang a useful chalkboard for leaving family messages, grocery lists or just let the children express their artistic side. A chalkboard is an inexpensive, yet good looking item that will help to keep your kitchen looking good and functional. If you don’t want to buy a board, you can always grab some blackboard paint and cover a plain wall with it to make a unique space for messages and reminders for the whole family.

Utilize Wall Space for Storage

Utilize Wall Space for Storage
Many kitchen walls are cluttered with unorganized or barely used kitchen items, such as spices, small appliances, and cooking utensils. Make your kitchen more comfortable to use by only keeping the things you use regularly there. Try getting a magnet block to hold knives close to hand yet out of reach of children. When putting up shelving, make sure it is away from the cooker so that steam doesn’t continually coat your items every time you cook, this will only make them sticky when you do need them.

Maximize Space

An ideal kitchen will have room to store all your items without looking cluttered or disorganized. Utilize a corner cupboard space by installing a two-tiered carousel, as these are fantastic for keeping large pots, pans, and chopping boards out the way, yet easy to grab when needed. There are various carousel designs you can choose to suit your needs. For ease of use, you can also get carousels that will slide out when you pull them, to make it easier and quicker to grab what you need, when you need it.

Storing Spices

Storing spices in racks on the walls can make your kitchen look messy, and you will find the rarely used spices will gather dust. Having a dusty spice rack not only looks terrible, but it can allow dust to get into the food you are preparing on the worksurface below. Get a spice drawer that is near your cooker as this will make it easy to use them when needed and keep them dust-free. This will help your kitchen look clean and tidy while giving you the tools you need close to hand when preparing food.

Create Great Lighting

Create Great Lighting
One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a cozy feel is by installing downlights over worktops. A downlight will provide you with light when preparing food without the need for you to put on the ceiling-mounted lights. Have lighting only directed to where you need it means that your family can sit at the counter while you are making food and still have pleasant ambient lighting instead of a glaring strip shining from above.

Add a Touch of the Outdoors

As an extra piece to make your kitchen space feel fresh and look great, try adding an indoor herb garden. Herbs need very little maintenance, take up little space, and give you fresh ingredients at your fingertips for when you are cooking. You can make your own or buy a ready to use indoor herb garden and give your kitchen some much-needed greenery.

If you can’t achieve all the suggestions above, look at adding a few and get a feel for what works best in your space (and for your budget). Kitchens are too often ignored and if left unchecked can turn into a cluttered mess that frustrates you whenever you need to cook. Keep commonly used items close by and find space to store the rarely touched utensils or pots further away, and this will give you a more functional kitchen space at no cost and with minimal effort.

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