Estate Cleanout Services – Living a Full and Fruitful Life

It is great to have lived a full and fruitful life.  During that journey there has been a lot of loved shared and a lot of personal accomplishments.  However, as we get older the body begins to slow down and come to a stop.   This process  generally leads to your loved ones bed being replaced with a hospital style bed.  It includes extended toilet seats and wheel chairs.  For most this includes social services becoming involved, which would include Social Security, SSI, Long Term Care, Assisted Living facility, Hospice and finally and passing of your loved one.

Once, the funeral has been completed it is time to start dissolving the estate as well this itself is a trying time.  Estate Cleanout Services or ECS is your non big box provider with a heart.

This service will require that you analyze the property or rental to make solid and cost effective decisions to how to bring it all to a close.  Some of the basic decisions and efforts include:

  • Going through all the belongs to pick out anything of value
  • If you now own the home will you be selling at market value, selling as is or renting the property.
  • If your loved one was renting you are generally only required to remove all the items from the rental unit.

As part of the Estate Cleanout Services process everything else will be removed from the house / condo and be disposed of.  Selecting a company like ECS is a good choice because the team will manage the entire process for you.  This will include removing everything, repairing everything, painting, dealing with plumbers, electricians, roofers, carpeters or flooring contractors.  Some additional services would include referring to qualified real estate agents that will actually push the property.

Millennials are the top real estate purchasers as home Purchase Becomes Tech-Oriented.

Purchasing homes are now tech-oriented, which in a large part caused by millennials and Fintechs.

Let’s take a look back some couple of years when many people who purchase homes are disgusted by the virtual reality tour when using their mobile device to apply for a mortgage or even buy a house without being physically present in it. But the latest breed of home purchasers are already conversant with a mobile device are very comfortable purchasing anything from clothing to even a house online. An earlier released Redfin research stated that in 2017, 45% of millennial who purchase homes bid for the home without even a physical view

The younger folks are less involved in purchasing new homes. It was discovered by the National Research Association that 36% of individuals more involved in home purchases last year were aged 36 and younger.

Millennials, both young and old are going online for their home search. They actually decide to move a step further later on and this is known to real estate Fintech who provide fast mortgage applications, tours using virtual reality, live streamed open homes.  But with the price of homes ever increasing many Millennials are looking for cost effective ways to by homes.  Estate Cleanout Services is a great way for millennials to buy a home “As Is”

Virtual Reality tours are well known among Homebuyers.

Let’s first take a quick look at VR tours. Coldwell Banker Real Estate in January created a poll of 3,000 adults in the U.S. to evaluate their interest in VR tours for home buying. The research showed that 77% of the participants prefer a VR tour before physically viewing the home while 84% of them prefers a live stream. They are more interested than just the layout or the concept of the house. 68% insisted that they would want a VR tour to assess the look of the furniture of the house. Such that 62% of the research participants said they would choose an agent of real estate who makes provision for VR tours. Sotheby International Reality with a knowledge of these demands provides virtual reality and 3D tour of their property to their clients. Sotheby indicated on their website that they had positioned cameras in specific locations around the homes, which makes the VR and 3D tours possible. The VR tours can be directly viewed on their website using a mobile device equipped with a VR headset

Real estate has also been integrated with social media platforms as real estate agents host real-time open houses through Facebook using Facebook Live. A real estate agent in Winnipeg, Manitoba was recently featured in RE/MAX to be using Facebook Live for open houses that will enable viewers to a tour of the house in real time and at the same time post answers to comment section questions. The live stream is automatically pre-recorded making the open house a virtual reality tour that can be continuously seen online.

Tech has made applying for mortgages faster

The methods people use to search for houses are not only affected by tech, but also the way people apply and get approved for mortgages. Taking a look at the mobile service of Quicken Loan Rocket Mortgage, it allows faster application for mortgages within minutes. The loan usually ends before the end of the month, something not common among other lenders. Rocket mortgage is a top leading company in this area, although there are others too. A mortgage lending Fintech company Lenda, which was established in 2014 claims users can apply within minutes and get their loan approved in less than two weeks. The company informed American Banker at the beginning of the year that their main objective is that the transaction of mortgages should be less than thirty minutes. The process was able to become faster by pre-filling major part of the form as the application is being filled. The most part of the work has also been automated such as job and income verification.

Customers have the ability to log in to their accounts at the bank through the platform to obtain the vital statements needed for the mortgage application which makes the procedure a lot faster. Several other Fintechs that are following up on social finance are Roostify and SoFi.

Real Estate Search Using Voice Commands still coming

During the early stage of its launch, a fresh technology known as Chatbots was introduced into the real estate market.

All thanks to voice assistants named Alexa from Amazon and Siri from Apple has increased the ability devices interacts with the internet through voice activation which has become popular. Many companies have now integrated it into their app design and development so that users can search and get information on real estate listings with the simple use of voice commands. A startup company from Houston known as AskDoss has started working with a personal assistant that is the same as Siri but majorly for the real estate market. Users will have the ability to ask questions and get instant replies about properties the entire day. The app was developed for the residential real estate market, but the company released a statement on their website that the new release will be able to showcase commercial properties and answer any related questions. A test launch of the app was live in October 2017. The company is currently on an upgrade of the app, but did not disclose when it will be made available to the market.

The method in which homes are bought is being transformed by Fintechs with the integration of technology. This concept might still look far-fetched to the older generations which is not the same for the young ones and millennials. They have realized and majorly implement technology in their everyday life even when purchasing homes.

Homeowners are making a lot of money

Homeowners are experiencing equity growth


It’s very rewarding to own a property. A typical individual who owns a property in the United States accomplished a growth of $16,200 in the previous year. The report from CoreLogic indicated that a hike in the prices of homes resulted in a 12.3% percent annual growth from the preceding year. California has the highest equity for homeowners in the country which is about $48,000. Even though this is not very high in the Sacramento zone, but it still indicates the rapid growth of equity. This report also demonstrated that the price hike was as a result of being in the first half of the year and the poor rate of investment which increased the rate of competition among home buyers. There would, however, be a drop in price as soon as more homes are available in the market. We can predict a high probability of available homes in the market with very few offers. Equity growth is great for homeowners. It can serve as collateral for making renovations or even for other cash demands. It is simultaneously not suitable for those planning to own a home in this current year.

Maximum equity growth

Even though California is known to have the highest equity growth, other states such as Washington with $41,100 and Nevada with $32,193 are very close behind. Massachusetts, with $23,527 is the highest in the eastern part of the country. Only three states experienced a decrease which is North Dakota with $773, Connecticut with $910 and Louisiana with $1,078. Being a property owner in California is very rewarding with the boost in equity and the upward rise of the value of some properties which is way more than the annual income of some people. You can always contact us if you have any questions or need more clarification on this report.

A great way to sell your home as is – is to contact Sell SFL Homes Fast and one of their experienced representatives will be more than happy to assist you.  Some closings can be as fast as 7 days.

How, living in Miami can become affordable

“I sometimes feel like an awful roommate drama will make me homeless”

Humans are literally not meant to live in Florida. This point becomes true when you get further to the southern side of the state. As a matter of fact, Miami came into existence because a widow named Julia Turtle had an orange grove inheritance subsequently after the death of her husband and decided to move to the area. She purchased additional lands and convinced people the region would be a metropolitan area. A huge frost destroyed citrus crop to the north, which made her successful in persuading a railroad professional in constructing tracks that led to Miami. Since then, Turtle city has become a center of attraction for desperate people with improbable dreams that want to cash in on the mayhem associated with the place.

Even with the hot weather in Florida and the flooded nature and people that can end one’s life, the number of transplants that are available in the city is on the rise which is the main cause of the high price of rent.

A recent report from the Miami Urban Future Initiative demonstrated that 60% of the grownups residing in the Miami metropolis are spending 30% of their income on rent which makes it the largest percentage in the U.S. with overburdened renters.

Miami is also one of the major city with different races in the country. The net worth for the median white family here is about $107,000 while the net worth for the medium black family is $3,700. as reported from a February study. This is also a place where a super wealthy separates themselves from the public and less fortunate cause the major crimes that make it very unsafe more than 94% of other US cities.

Climate gentrification: this is the process at which wealthy investors, purchase properties with high elevation to prevent a rise in sea level. This is the main reason Haitians are evicted from Miami Little Haiti. Liberty City, the setting location for “moonlight”, the Oscar-winning movie is also a very hot investment. Wynwood, the district of art looks like a gentrified community in the United States. With the blast of EDM from juice stores, with exclusive sales of guitar and vintage cars. The Design District with a neighborhood that has no big difference from a Dubai mall.

The reality of all this is that the poor significantly have nowhere to live in Miami.

The minimum wage still very low.

Max Monestime lives in North Miami with his sick parents. He is 29 years old and works at Burger King and pays a rent of $1,400 from an income of $8.75 an hour. He said, “there are so many things that need to be sacrificed even food at times, you have to struggle every single day.”

He prefers a better job with higher pay and higher working hours but was unable to due to the absence of opportunity in Miami. On the other hand, prices at the gas pump and the corner store are still on the rise, which signifies that his life condition is not likely to become better or sustainable.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition released a statement that an individual with an income of $8.26 would be required to work for about 84 hours every week to be able to afford a moderate one-bedroom at a fair price. It has risen to $8.46 which means that workers earning the minimum wage and working for 40 hours a week earn an additional $8 every week. Florida, however, has a preemptive law which implies that the minimum wage in a city cannot be set higher than the states. There was a test in 2016 when a regulation was passed by the Miami Beach that the minimum wage is increased to $10.31 in the year 2018 and $13.31 in 2021. Group of businesses sued the city which resulted in a lot of legal strife till around February when the increment was cut down by the state supreme court.

“I am really not getting paid the amount of hard work I put in and I know everyone feels the same. It is very demanding.” Said Monestime. The words from a politician are plainly meaningless to me, my field of vision is thrilled with absolutely nothing.

You have to break the law in order to get cheap rent.

Kevin Vargas, a gay man who moved to Miami almost six years ago without any interference from his parents. He currently works as a collection specialist at a Law Office with an income of $14.50 an hour and also $16 an hour for being a data manager in a clinical research lab and had since made between $15,000 to $20,000.

“The only way I was able to survive at a point was to live in an illegal sublet with a 50-year-old metal head. It is compulsory to find an illegal means or a way outside of the law in order to live in a semi-conducive way. There was another case where I had to live with a roommate who was not truthful about his Uber earnings. Sometimes, I feel like one bad roommate experience will make me homeless.”

The rent issues in Miami, is somewhat similar to other states in the US as indicated by Skylar Olsen, who is the director of Zillow’s economic research. As soon as banks start giving out mortgages that literally enable anyone owns a home, the response from developers was the development of tons of houses. This led to the financial crisis such that many were unable to afford the payment of their mortgages, received foreclosure and ended up in the rental market. Young people simultaneously became adults. Rent price rose such that the few available slots were snuggled between the two population categories. Home developers were so interested in houses that they never built for the rental market.

Most metropolitan areas have the same issues, but the mortgage crisis hit Florida extremely hard. People in coastal regions like New York and Los Angeles make more than anyone in Miami as it is gradually sinking into the ocean. It’s surprising anyone can live there. “The story in Miami is similar to the other metropolis,   but just severe.” Said Olsen.

“People living are into one or more jobs in order to have a livelihood” stated 29-year-old John White, a teacher at Booker T. Washington High School in Overtown. “Many people live together with several of their family members.” White lives in Miami Gardens with three of his sons on an average income of $44,000 a year, although he also has other several sides hustles like a business for mobile car detailing. He is currently living in the home he was brought up in even though the two-bedroom is now twice the price paid when he was still very young. He said he could not forget his mom paying about $500 when he was a kid, thinking this was overpriced.  He still wishes he could find a monthly rent of $500.

Can’t afford a car, then you are out of luck.

Miami public transportation is somewhat messy. An above ground subway known as Metrorail is available with just two lanes. An aging bus system is also available which saw very low riders since 2016 mostly because of the regular breakdowns, severe delays, and an infestation of roaches. In 2002, a tax increment of about half a cent was passed in order to fix these issues which obviously did not work. It was actually able to provide funds for free trolleys in each city for easy navigation between cities within the metropolis. There are also some transports, vans operated by companies, but did not publish their route online and this will be known experimentally.

Many individuals don’t want to experience this when going to work, and practically don’t have time to miss their way as indicated by a local publication that this will enable one familiarize with jitney routes, to be on time. However, car expenses (which includes monthly payments, gas, and insurance) can also be compared to rent in several ways.

Monestime, working at Burger King stated that his monthly $200 insurance and constant gas fill-ups are fixed and enable him to get to work from about four miles from home. With the unreliable means of transportation available, he is sure he would end up losing his job scheduling with any of them. “It is always a big deal to get to work early, they are not interested in bus lateness or traffic.” The bus regularly stops at every block and this will waste a lot of time and make you get worked up. This is unfair, but you just have to play the game. The society is built this way until there is a change, that is work we can work with.”

White indicated that getting to work in the absence of a car will be challenging.” this was digging a deep hole. “He decided to reclaim his old car together with the one he bought for $1,300. He stated that an effective budget was required to be an excellent teacher in Miami and an impressive adult. He said “I can’t forget pumping gas for my mom at $1.07 or $1.08 per gallon. And although the problem is nationwide and as important as a car is in this region, it will seem like everything has gone upside down.”

The prices of homes experience the first drop in three years.

Homes valued at $2million or above experience a 9-year decline


According to a report from Redfin, the prices of executive homes had a continuous annual drop of 1.6% in the first four months of 2019 which makes it the first annual drop in almost three years.

These executive homes are categorized by Redfin as the 5% top selling priciest homes in the first quarter. The average price of executive homes in the first quarter was about $1.55 million.

Redfin discovered that the remaining 95% in the market had an annual increase of 2.7% with an average price of $300,000 in the first quarter.

Redfin also indicated that homes valued at $2 million or above experienced a 16% drop in sales in the first four months. This makes it the second successive quarterly drop and the highest drop in executive sales occurred in the last nine years.

The company, however, reported that the availability of these executive homes for sale had an annual 14% increase growing successively in the first quarter.

The Chief Economist at Redfin, Daryl Fairweather explained that the calculus involved when purchasing homes, specifically expensive homes have changed because the mortgage interest homeowners usually deduct is now limited.

He further explained that even though everyone in the country benefits from the new mortgage rule, people who make high profits in states like Massachusetts and California with high-income tax observed a rise in their tax bills. He further explained that apart from the new rules making very it unappealing to purchase a new high priced home in states with high taxes, it has also inspired some individuals, mostly those with huge revenue and housing budgets to migrate to states without an income tax like Washington, Florida, and Nevada.

As reported by Redfin, irrespective of this general drop, the values of executive homes reported in this study dropped in less than half of the cities.

Homes in Florida, Washington, and South Carolina cities experienced the highest boost in the value of executive homes in the first quarter.

The areas that are regarded as the top five that experienced the highest boost in the value of executive homes are:

West Palm Beach, Florida with 89.6% increase.

St. Petersburg, Florida with a 62.3% increase.

Charleston, South Carolina with a 42.3% increase.

Tacoma, Washington with a 33.1% increase.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a 27.8% increase.

Redfin published that even though there is a nationwide drop in prices, the value of executive homes is increasing in some cities. This is the successive fourth quarter that the top 5% of homes in the market experienced the highest increase of an annual 89.8% realizing about $2.8 million in the previous quarter.

Also, the research carried out by Redfin indicated that executed homes were a matter of fact experiencing fast sales this year. The data on executive homes from the company was contracted after 83 days into the market, which is three days short from the first quarter of 2018.

Additionally, Redfin indicated that the market for non-executive homes have remarkably risen in this quarter, as homes are existing for an average of 69 days on

the market, which is 10 days short during the same period in 2018.

Texas property owners discouraged with the hike in the value of properties.

Are you spending too much on property taxes?

Sheller Kofler, an engagement and opinion editor had a sit down with the chief appraiser for the Tarrant Appraisal District, Jeff Law. With discussions on about the price hike the county placed on your property.

Luckily, you still have time.

Property owners who are sure the tax value placed on their property is extremely high can still protest before May 15.

Chandler Crouch, a real estate agent who assists people for free with their protests indicated that it is very beneficial without any harm. It won’t affect the value of your resale, and as a matter of fact, it might even be beneficial to the buyer by reducing the burden of tax.

“Also, against general knowledge, a similar amount of tax will be given to the cities, county and school district whether you protest or not. You are definitely not going to hurt anyone when you protest, it is very beneficial.

The chief appraiser for the Tarrant Appraisal, Jeff Law stated that above 655,000 notices of appraisal have been released this year which is the same as the amount released in 2018.

There were about 148,000 protests last year alone.

Jeff Law stated that 62,000 protests have already been filed this year and 65% of the cases are already resolved.

He continued by telling everyone who still feels that many aspects of their property are not covered to come to see them.


The appraisal sent through the mail is not a bill.

School districts, counties, cities and many other entities being taxed will be given  rate for tax which will be used in calculating the tax expenses in the year. After which the collector that accesses tax will release the tax expenses in October which are to be paid to the offices.

Law indicated that they don’t usually collect taxes.

The objective of the Tarrant Appraisal District is to set the property value and deal with protest from property owners who are sure they are overpaying.

Protests can be done in several ways.

A method is by filling out the form that accompanied the appraisal and sending it by May 15. A date for the hearing will be appointed, so your case to be considered.

A protest can also be filed online at

You will find an automated value in TAD that has been reduced to the offered amount available online. You might even get a suggested lower value approved for your property.

Tarrant Appraisal District records show that 18,000 protests as of May 1st have been considered online, compared with about 8,000 that was sent during the same period last year.

Property owners may request the assistance of the Tarrant Appraisal District to beckon appraisers if the value of their property can be lowered.

Crouch indicated that most people who give it a try, eventually succeed.


Crouch provides a few tips as he expects to deal with up to 15,000 protests this week.

He said it is vital to know that even though things like cosmetic home issues, carpeting, fencing or painting are usually considered in some counties, Tarrant Appraisal District won’t.

He then stated that very important issues are focused on like plumbing, foundation, electrical, roof or structural issue.

Law advised protested to make available their photographs, estimates on repairs, mortgage loan appraisal, closing documents, and any valid information that can make your protest considerable.

Crouch indicated that similar houses with lesser value can also be indicated if the appraiser still insists on the higher worth of your property.

Crouch then added that the most ideal way of learning is by watching others. “Anyone can watch and listen to the protest of others, simply drive down to the appraisal district and request for protest observation”.


Although lawmakers in the state are still planning on different proposals that benefit property owners it too soon to know the final plan. Lawmakers in Texas will however still pass a new law before May 27.

Crouch was involved with Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth both state representatives on a proposal that will allow the transparency of protests and appraisals.

This strategy was recently passed by Senate Bill 2. Where a limit has been placed on the amount a revenue derivable by counties and cities on a new property with the voter’s approval.

The plan created by Krause is in need of a better improvement process concerning exemptions, offer property owners additional resources like the list of free property value protest assistance and inform the property owner if there is no homestead exemption in the place on their property.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot in a state of the state address in the early part of this year said that they will no longer fold their arms while property owners become tenants of their property while the landlords are the tax authorities. “Our constituents are depending on us,” he said.

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As part of the Estate Cleanout Services process everything else will be removed from the house / condo and be disposed of. Selecting a company like ECS is a good choice because the team will manage the entire process for you. This will include removing everything, repairing everything, painting, dealing with plumbers, electricians, roofers, carpeters or flooring contractors. Some additional services would include referring to qualified real estate agents that will actually push the property. Estate Cleanout Services is the premier Property Cleanout Services that will turn your property back into a dream home.

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