How to Make Your Home More Secure in 2020

While securing your home isn’t nearly as fun as putting up new home decorations, it’s necessary. It should be your top priority as it’s vital to your well-being and your family’s safety. There is a huge range of home security measures and knowing where to start can be quite challenging.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. This article is meant to help you secure your home by covering your home security’s most important aspects. From securing the doors to using home automation, here’s are the tips that you can follow to make your home more secure today.

Secure the Doors

Everything starts with the front door. It is the first point of contact with your property for the perpetrators. So, make sure your door frames are strong enough. Inspect the hinges to see if they have the necessary protection. Pay special attention to your door locks.
Secure the Doors

Investing a bit more in the latest innovations in the door lock industry is one of the best ways to ensure you’re safe and secure. Consider upgrading to smart locks, adding a strike plate, and installing a deadbolt. Also, using a video doorbell can significantly boost your home security. Some of the doorbells take full images of visitors or intruders, allowing you to see the person attempting to enter. Doorbell cameras are especially useful when traveling or being away from home at work. Gadgets also offer emergency numbers on speed dial, letting you contact authorities whenever you receive footage of a potential intruder.

Lock the Windows

Aside from your doors, windows are the most common entry point for uninvited guests. With most manufacturer latches being highly ineffective, we recommend you upgrade your windows locks with key-operated levers. Here are some other burglar-proof tips for securing your windows:

  • Use window security film to reinforce glass additionally.
  • Install glass break sensors.
  • If you live in a troublesome neighborhood, add window bars.

Light up Your Property

Criminals, burglars, and vandals avoid properly lit properties, as they don’t like to be caught in the spotlight, on camera, etc. That’s why you can quickly solve your home security problem with ample outdoor lighting. Make sure your property is properly lit throughout the landscape.
Light up Your Property
Use lights in all your outdoor structures, near the garage, along pathways, and around your front and back yards. To save on electricity bills, put your lights on a timer, and consider solar-powered lights with motion sensors.

Consider Setting up a Security System

Every home should have some security system set up. While going with the most professional solutions that include home automation and monitoring is the best option, a basic DIY system will do just fine.

There are so many great home security options to choose from. Depending on the level of protection and your budget, you can find a perfect solution that will work according to your needs and wants. When choosing a system, think about the following things:

  • The size of your house
  • Your neighborhood
  • The crime rate in your area
  • Doing a professional home security evaluation

Although the DIY installation may sound like a more affordable option, professional installation is a smarter and wiser investment in the long run.

Take Care of Your Wi-Fi Network

We live in a world of the internet where most people spend a lot of time online. In such a world, danger comes from the physical realm and the digital one. Since you’re probably using the internet to join social media, find entertainment, and do online shopping, your personal data is exposed to the risk of being stolen or abused.

Since most people use Wi-Fi networks in their homes, they fail to realize that this network is an excellent entry point to their financial and personal data. This notion is even more true if you’re using home automation systems.
Take Care of Your Wi-Fi Network
Smart home gadgets need a Wi-Fi network to work. Each time you connect, you give direct access to anyone who’s about to invade your home.

For instance, the previously mentioned video doorbell also needs an internet connection to transfer footage and alerts. Here’s what you can do to prevent attacks on your network:

  • Add another layer of security to your wireless router
  • Enable WPA encryption
  • Hide and rename your home network
  • Always use a firewall
  • Use antivirus protection on devices
  • Create strong passwords and update them regularly

Now, there’s one more thing you can do to make sure your personal and financial data is safe – use a VPN. A reliable VPN service provider like Atlas VPN secures networks and has a range of advantages to increase your online privacy and safety when you go online.

More importantly, this service protects you from prying eyes, hacking attempts, DNS leakage, IP-based tracking, and more. Therefore, each time you plan on connecting to your Wi-Fi network, do so via a VPN to make sure your data is safe, and your actual location is masked and hidden.

We hope that this article was helpful. Everyone should feel safe at home, and these tips can help you build a secure environment for your family.

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