How to Make Shutters Look at Their Best

Window shutters add value and aesthetic finish to a property. It must be understood that there are a number of materials that can be used for shuttering. Although each type of material does have its ways to keep clean, there can be several generalized actions that apply to every kind of material no matter the size and design of the shutters.

  • Good old vacuum cleaner

This is an implement that has made an appearance in each home and office right across the world. It helps to loosen the dust a little while before applying the vacuum cleaner as it tends to bring out a much cleaner look and appearance. To make for an impeccable finish to the vacuum job, it would be advisable to do a clean up with a damp cloth afterwards.
Good old vacuum cleaner

One of the key factors that affect good vacuum cleaning is the power of the cleaner. The more powerful a cleaner the better is the finish that is produced at the end of the cleaning work. It would be worth noting that in case the shutter material is made of one of the flimsier materials, then a low powered vacuum cleaner is always preferable.

  • Cleaning cloth

There is a particular cloth known as microfiber fabric that tends to be a little more abrasive than an ordinary cleaning cloth. This is a good tool to clean louvers made of fabric or other comparable material. The working principle of the microfibers is that they tend to generate static electricity as they are moved across a surface. It then tends to collect the dust on the shutters which are then dusted out at a convenient location.

In the case of wooden louvers, it is possible to give a good cleaning by just using a damp cloth. They tend to give out a finish that is not easily got from other alternative materials.

  • Dust spray

One of the most easily noticed points about shutters is the layer of dust that gathers on the surface of the louvers all the time. Many methods have been tried out to lessen this factor as far as possible but if ever there were a more permanent solution to the issue, then it must be the dust spray.

The dust spray is a solution that is dispensed as an aerosol and sprayed on the shutters after a thorough cleaning is done. It helps by allowing a smooth surface and at the same time helps prevent a build-up of dust over time. Any fine dust that gets settled on the shutters are blown away from the surface because of the dust spray. One of the most advantageous aspects of the dust spray is that it is color neutral and tends to be suited to all manners of colors and patterns.

  • Toothbrush

If ever there were a noticeable feature with window shutters, then it has to be the patterns and designs that are made into the shutter flats. This is done by having small grooves run along the length of the shutters most of the time. There are other artistic methods of rendering the plain shutter more attractive.

The tooth brush would be one of the most convenient tools to use to keep the grooves and designs of shutters clean as far as possible. This is an activity that takes a lot of patience as often the method is very manual and physical in nature. But there is no denying that a run of the toothbrush does have its effect on most of the shuttering found in premises.

  • Applying veneer polish

If ever there were an effective cleaning part to the wooden shutters in particular, then it has to be by applying a coat of veneer polish to the exterior. The shutter must be first cleaned out with a clean and damp cloth. It is then allowed to dry to complete bone dryness. Plantation shutters from Shutterup Brisbane are suited to this sort of treatment due to the depth of the shutter slats used.

But that doesn’t mean that there has to be deep slats to apply a coat of veneer to the shutters. It is possible to have the same effect as on the wooden shutters, on the plastic ones by applying a coat of silicone polish. This is easy to accomplish and just a cloth dipped dry with the polish is all that it takes to complete the cleanup.


With the wide options that shuttering provides the designer most of the time, shutters have come to play an important role in contemporary furnishing and home décor. In the process of cleaning the shutters, care must be taken to see that the material is not damaged in any way as far as possible. Harsh solvents not only damage the finish of the shutters but tend to weaken the structure of the shutters as well.

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