How to Make Money as a Welder

Welding is an underrated skill. Most people are unaware of how useful welding can actually be. Just take a second and look around you and you will start noticing things that have been made or fixed thanks to welding.

Do you see it? There are probably a dozen steel or metal parts around you that have been welded together.

So now that we understand the importance of welding we can talk about how to make money off of it. There are a number of ways people with welding experience can turn that skill into a profit.

Here’s how…

Starting a Welding Garage

If you have a garage or a spare room you can easily turn it into a place for fixing and welding things. Starting a welding garage is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money from welding. Of course, the main and most important thing is that you have to be good at it.
Starting a Welding Garage

Secondly is gathering all the necessary equipment need for your garage. You pack your arsenal with various welding machines. A multipurpose welding unit or a GTAW machine is a good way to start.

But you also have to set your work area. Start with smaller jobs and fixing things around the neighborhood. Small things like bikes or fences. Before you know it you will stumble upon a bigger project that will kick things off for you.

Take Jobs in the Housing Industry

If somebody is moving in, buying, or even building a house, there is a big chance that some welding work will be required. Although most people think that there is a lot of construction work to be done here, there are a lot of jobs for welders.

Some structural work around the house will require reinforcing some parts. There are fences around the house that need to be mended. And let’s not forget the ornaments, The wife is going to appreciate those.
Take Jobs in the Housing Industry
If you are good at TIG welding or Arc welding you can earn a lot of money by making various ornaments needed for a house. But basically speaking, entering the housing industry would be a good move for an experienced welder.

Automotive Industry

A person might need a doctor but a car needs a welder. The only person that can do something to help out a battered car, except a mechanic, of course, is a good welder. The only way to fix the sheet metal of a car or any other parts for that matter is by fusing them together.

Being good with a welding torch in this industry is a blessing. There are a lot of garages that look for people who are able to help them out with welds around a car. Of course, like any other welding job on the list, this one too requires a certain level of skill. Being good at MIG welding is greatly appreciated here.

Making Decorative Art

This one might be a long shot but it can certainly pay off. If you are creative and have a good eye and are particularly good with a welding machine and a plasma cutter you might be good enough to create beautiful pieces of art.
Making Decorative Art
There are a lot of people who value abstract forms of art. Those people are willing to pay top dollar for a nice statue. If you have the imagination and the resources to pull this off you might stand to make lots of cash. You don’t need a lot to start. Just a good and reliable welding machine and some scrap metal.

If you are lucky enough, you just might create the next masterpiece of the industry.

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