3 Tried and Tested Tips to Maintain and Clean Epoxy Floor

When it comes to maintaining your house, you will find numerous tips to consider. From how to give a brighter look to your apartment to how to maintain it in its topnotch shape, maintaining your haven is not as easy as it may seem.

Speaking of which, ensuring that your floors remain clean is also an essential element, which must not be neglected by any means. Experts at Babylon Epoxy Floors say that a great percentage of people who choose to have epoxy coating for their floors seem to have otherwise well-maintained places. This shows that floors are often neglected or proper cleaning methods are not applied. Regardless of what type of floors you have, you need to look after them with the utmost attention.

In this article, we will be learning how to maintain and clean the epoxy floors. There are some specific requirements for cleaning and maintaining epoxy floors, so let’s see what are those:

1. Mop The Floors

Mop The Floors

A dust mop will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the epoxy floor. Once every week, you need to use the dust mop to clear away dust and dirt. If you do not have a dust mop, you can also use a hose and water the floor using a squeegee. Once every two to three months, you need to use vigorous scrubbing to maintain a cleaner epoxy floor. This needs to be given in case the machine and vehicles are trafficked on the floor.

You do not need to use a hard-foam mop. This is the sort of mop that leaves behind streak marks and residue. If the floor is an outdoor one, then you need to ensure that it is scrubbed at least once every month.

2. Use Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning products are essential when it comes to maintaining epoxy or any floors for that matter. These solutions clean and disinfect your floors and who wouldn’t want that? The most highly recommended one is using half a cup of ammonia in a gallon filled with hot water. This needs to be applied and cleaned by using a microfiber mop or a foam. Once done, you need to rinse your mop now and then with hot water.

This removes the debris the mop picked when cleaning the epoxy floor. Floors that have residue and salt film will be cleaned through this solution.

The cleaning solutions are harsh and might damage your floor if used in concentrated quantities. The ideal way of using these solutions is to dilute them in water using 3 parts water and one part chemical solution. If however, you have rust stains, you would want to use a 1:1 ratio of warm water with the solution.

Use a soft scrub or a scrub brush to clean and then apply cold water to rinse it. Remember, you do not need the mixture to remain on the surface for more than two minutes.

3. Use Foot Mats And Rugs

Use Foot Mats And Rugs
To reduce any damages caused by water or snow or rain, you need to place welcome mats and other foot mats around the house. This would encourage all the visitors to clean their shoes before entering the vicinity. A floor that doesn’t get dirty a lot doesn’t naturally need cleaning much. In addition to that, you can put small rugs around and beneath the furniture so if/when you move the furniture, it doesn’t leave scratches around on the floor. This will keep your floors safe and add a refreshing look to your space as well.

Epoxy floors look beautiful but once dirty or scratched can decrease the value of the whole place immediately. The good news is that maintaining and cleaning the epoxy floors is a bit tricky but t’s not rocket science. With little maintenance and cleaning hacks, your epoxy floors can go a long way.

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