How to Make Hydrogen Water Machine at Home

Nowadays many people want to build a homemade hydrogen generator because of increase in gas prices. They don’t know the exact way to build it and search on internet to get more information on how to build a hydrogen generator to convert a car to run on water. There are plenty of information available on this particular topic but out which some are scam especially the information you get for free. Anyway in this article you can get the basic information you need to build a hydrogen generator.

If you are planning to convert your own car to run on water then there are two methods available for you. First one is, you simply search a garage nearby you and ask them two build a hydrogen generator and convert a car to run on water. But they may charge you around $1200 to do so. In the second method you can build it yourself even if you don’t have mechanical experience and it may cost you less than $200. So choose the way you feel comfort with. My recommend is go for do it yourself method because you will not only convert your car to run on water you can save thousands of dollar in this way.
Hydrogen Machine

There is nothing difficult to build a homemade hydrogen generator yourself as you need some parts which are easily available in your local hardware stores for cheap and affordable prices. The parts are baking soda, quart jar, electric wire, screw driver, nuts and bolts, glass pieces etc. This hydrogen generator work is to separate water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen and then it combines both water molecules to generate a gas known as hho gas. This gas help you to increase gas mileage and you can expect up to 65% increase in gas mileage.

One more thing you need to build a hydrogen generator is perfect do it yourself plan which is available on internet in form of guides. These guides help you with step by step instructions on how to build it yourself with useful images. Thousands of people around the world building their own homemade hydrogen generator and converting their car to run on water. Don’t waste your time and money build it yourself and save your money.
If you wonder how to build your own hydrogen generator, you are obviously looking for ways to get an alternative source of energy for your car rather than using conventional fuel, which is becoming increasingly expensive these days.

A hydrogen generator, as the name suggests, according to this page, is a device for decomposing plain water into oxygen and hydrogen through the process of electrolysis. This is necessary for Brown’s gas production, which, in its turn, will supplement gas usage, allowing you to cut your fuel expenses at least twice. With the help of such an addition to your auto you can have a less-polluting and much more affordable vehicle running on gas and water in even proportions.

Since such hybrid vehicles are not in mass production yet, the only way to add water as an alternative source of energy for your car is to build your own hydrogen generator. Do not worry, it is not as complicated as it might sound, and the best thing is that you do not have to make any alterations to your vehicle or car engine.

Here are three common ways to a DIY generator that produces hydrogen:
Water Machine

  1. You can buy one of those special kits for building a hydrogen generating system which are easily available online. There are separate kits for cars and trucks as well as universal kits. Their advantage is that your efforts are reduced to minimum; you can build your own hydrogen generator almost instantly. The price range is great, but it is an invariably costlier option than the other two.
  2.  You can arm yourself with an in-depth guide and make a trip to the nearest hardware store for the materials you need to build your own hydrogen generator. Your investments in this case get cut considerably, given the fact that you will need very ordinary inexpensive stuff like wire, iron sheets, baking soda, etc.
  3.  You can be creative and cut your generator’s costs even more by using wastes. Chances are you can find everything you need, including tools, in your own garage! This way is, of course, the most challenging, but your self-made hydrogen generator will cost you close to nothing.
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