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How to Make a Bean Bag Chair

How to Make a Bean Bag Chair

The history of chairs happened during earliest Egypt. They used cloth and leather to cover up the chair. It gave social status to people who sat on it. Why is it so? Becausevarious people were enforced to take a seat on the floor and only people who were financial sound, high qualified professionals were allowed to sit in chair. But in recent generation, we cannot see any houses without using of durable materials like chair, tables etc. The furnitureis very common in all households. Everyone sit for the maximum time that they are asleep. They prefer to sit while reading books, while having food, while going to work in vehicle, in workplace, in educational institutions.

So, Always it is better to find answer for question –Are we sitting comfortably, really? If they fail to find comfortable chair, then it may lead to serious health conditions like back pain, problem may arose in spinal cord, neck pain, mental stress etc.

Most of the chairs are made from wood, metal, pebble or acyrilic. It is manufactured with a seat, four legs, arm rests, back seat for allowing a human being to sit with soothe. It helps to meet various purposes based on usage. And now all are attracted towards using of stylish,fashionable, designed chairs.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair

It is a bigcloth bag packed with polystyrene/plasticglobule with dried out beansor with comparable materials. During 1969, the beanbag chair was come into existence by the Italian designers. In olden days, it was named as Sacco which was produced in pear shape sealed with thermocol balls. It was the first popular chair which met the needs of the people in the right way. Gradually, it attracted everyone and during 1990s, the sacco/beanbag chair came out with various shapes and sizes. Most of the customers preferred that chair because it was designed in such a way of personage body figure.

Nowadays, the manufacturers use washable material cover up and eco-friendly thermocol balls.

The reason for using washable material is that it will not gettear or shred in case of continuous usage.In order to know about best bean bag chairs, then you can discover this info here. You can find a well stylish bean bag chair in so many colors, sizes, shapes, stuffs according to your purpose. Even you can make chairs in old clothes too.

Before selecting the best beanbag chair, just go through some basic tips for purchasing it.

a.Give support to you head and neck.
b.Make your arms to get relax and soothe.
c.Try to find a deep seat which allows one to lean back and stretch out legs freely
d.Exceptional case- Nowadays chair and an ottoman are inseparable. It takes you to the next superior level where you can give rest to your legs too.

Procedures to make BeanBag Chair

Procedures to make BeanBag Chair
The making procedure of Bean Bag Chairs are so simple and quite interesting one. All you need is to be patient enough and have sewing knowledge. It is easy to carry, gives so much comfort, multipurpose, best option to get relax and entertain.

Material Preferences

The first and foremost step is to choose good and suitable fabric which is washable too. It should be soft, fresh and pure. You need materials like scissors, pencil, stitching pattern, thread, measuring tape etc.Try to create two bags like top outline and base outline and decide the measurements according to your wish. You can select any type of materials to fill inside the bag like muslin clothes or old clothes.Select the good quality materials to wrap up the bag and it should beattractive and stylish. Just give preferences to materials like denim, fleece etc.Choose appropriate materials to be filled inside the bag. It must be long-lasting for so many years so be sure of vacuum preserved parcel.

Start Stitching:

Start Stitching
Be ready with all your materials and note the measurements with pencil.

Elevation Part(U Shaped)- Keep tracing paper over a framework. Mark the centre part and draw a line. Create an arc line and it should cover both top and base parts.

Top Part- Fold up a big paper into equal. Just, with a measuring tape sketch a curved line. It should be large in size.Two top materials are needed in order to wrap the outer side and to fill the inside materials.

Base Part- Engrave the paper into half and measure equally from its place. For base part, four outlines are necessary to cover outer part as well as inner part. You can do base part in two ways like using zip model or sewing model.If you use zip model, you can fill any materials at any time and whenever you feel to change. If you pick sewing type, then the material should be filled permanently. But, anyways it is designed in such a way of washable type.

Start loading

Start loading
Make sure that all stitches are strong enough and finally you can start filling your bean bag with materials like thermocol balls, muslin materials and even old clothes too. In the zip model, the user can fill any materials at any time. It can be changeable whenever the owner feels to change. The person can load it and zip it, so easy. And in sewing type, it is not possible to change the materials continuously whenever the owner feels to change.It is of permanent nature for certain period. You can fill all the materials, attach it and finally sew the fissures.

This is one of the most trendy, stylish, comfortablechairs which is opted in recent days by everyone.It is easily moveable to other places.The curve of the chair will match your leisure positions and the straightened back helps to feel support and relaxing postures. It is very easy to carry if you prefer to relax outside because it is provided with sophisticated cushions. You can pick so many colors with home furnishings which makes your interior so stylish and attractive. Always People are willing to pay lavish amount in items which satisfies and relaxes them a lot. So, don’t think just go for purchasing agood beanbag chair. It is not a bad choice.

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