How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected

If you have a beautiful garden, you would like to turn into a mini-Eden with classic outdoor furniture. Well, there is nothing with the idea but this is easier said than done. Not because you lack finances to purchase the best patio fittings money can buy. But because you may not be well-versed about how to protect your prized possession from external wear and tear.

External damage is one reason why many people witness their neighbor’s external furniture in an awful condition and immediately drop the idea of buying it. However, it is not as difficult to preserve your furniture’s bridal look for years, especially if you buy it from outdoor furniture Sydney. All you have to is to stick to the following tips:

Indulge in a regular cleaning

Just like other accessories of your house, patio furniture also needs a regular brush up. Many homeowners have a tendency not to clean their furniture until they spot piles of dust on it. Well, there is no way you can afford such a casual approach.
Indulge in a regular cleaning

On the surface, the furniture might look okay. But there are so many delicate and hidden parts which could be attacked by mildew. So indulge in thorough clean up even when things do not seem as bad to your eyes. It would be ideal for scrubbing your patio fittings twice a week.

Since furniture manufacturing includes various materials, you have to exploit different cleaning tactics for all of them.

  • Plastic furniture: For gentle cleaning, you should take warm water alongside dish detergent and starting rinsing with a piece of cloth. However, the cloth may not be a viable option to reach out to the fine parts. You can use a toothbrush for that. Sometimes the dirt might not come off until you apply a moderate amount of vinegar.
  • Wooden furniture: To begin with, you will need a relatively robust brush and sugar soap. After completing the rinsing, navigate the hosepipe all over it. Avoid using oils very early in the peace because it will turn the oak into black. As a rule of thumb, replenishing with oils is only mandatory if the furniture is ten years old.
  • Teak furniture: By its very nature, teak is more suitable for exterior exposure. Yet, you have to clean it with soap water and sponge to keep dirt at a safe distance.

Cushion care

An overwhelming majority of the patio furniture come up with cushions. Sometimes homeowners add extra cushions to lift the overall look of the garden. However, their fabric can attract dirt like anything. So you will have to wash them with mild soap water to keep their appeal-factor alive. Washing becomes even more important when the winter is looming on the horizon, and you are all set to store the exteriors.

Also, make it a point to change the cushion covers with every season. For example, in the months of summer, you should opt for the cotton fabric to retain the color in the face of UV rays.

Buy weatherproof covers

For easy maneuvering, people tend to buy stackable furniture. It gives the luxury to assemble the parts and keep it inside when the weather conditions are not favorable. But what about those who do not subscribe to this ease? Because we know that many homeowners purchase delicate furniture which is not feasible to move from one place to another.
Buy weatherproof covers
For them, investing in weatherproof covers would be the best alternative. Be it rain, cold, or snow, and these covers will ensure complete protection. At times, wind makes it difficult for covers to sustain their place.

It is advisable not to use rocks or other weighty items to stop the wrappers from blowing away. They may cause harm to your furniture in one way or the other. Instead, you should use cover clamps to deal with this challenge effectively. Unlike other makeshift means, cover clamps are for this very purpose.

Get rid of mildew

Mildew is by far the biggest enemy of the exteriors. It does not only ruin aesthetic pleasure with its pathetic odor but also deteriorates the furniture real fast. You can spot mildew in multiple colors like yellow, white and grey. But mildew turns into black or brown when it takes its worst form.

So the burning question is how to get rid of it or stop your furniture from catching mildew in the first place?

As far as the prevention of mildew is concerned, water provides the fertile grounds for its growth. So keep your furniture as dry as possible. Sometimes mildew gets the better of you even after taking all the concrete prevention measures. In such cases, here is how you can nib in the bud of mildew:

  • Take bleach measuring exactly ¾ (sometimes ½, depending on the severity of mildew) of a cup.
  • Mix it up with as much as nearly one gallon of water
  • Wet the infected area with the spray bottle
  • Keep rinsing until it becomes completely clean, and you cannot smell the horrible odor anymore

Apply paste wax to keep rust at bay

Without tangible precautions, metal furniture gets rusty as time goes by; This is where paste wax swings into action. Apply paste wax as soon as you bring your furniture home. Of course, the chemical wards off after you wash the exteriors. So make it a ritual to use it after the cleanup process.
To be on the safe side, read the tag before usage because there are so many paste waxes that are only applicable to cars.
Apply paste wax to keep rust at bay

Do not delay repairs

Regardless of the quality of your furniture, you cannot keep it in the “as is” condition over the years. The joints of your exterior will get weaker, and they would not be able to carry the same weight again. And if you overlook these minor symptoms for long, your furniture will reach the breaking point.

So much so, something as tiny as a hole of a couple of centimeters can spread all over the place if not addressed promptly. The point being, you have to be on your toes to notice these signs and attend them at the earliest.

Unless it is something very simple like a tightening a loose bolt, it is better to take a professional onboard for proper repairs.

Wrapping up

It is usual understanding that patio furniture is not worth it. The reason being, it takes a lot of effort to preserve its sparkling look. If you had a similar perception, you must have changed your mind after reading this article. Reconciling with the above methods will ensure that you get the best return of your investment.

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