Here’s What You Should Do If You are Allergic to Your Pet

Who doesn’t like to have pets in their homes? Almost every child and teenager wants to have a pet, but what should you do if you or someone in your family is allergic to pets? Some people believe that they should remove their pets from their homes as soon as they are diagnosed with a pet allergy.

First, you need to understand what allergies you have. If your allergy test comes positive, then it is important to understand what is causing the allergy. Your allergy reaction can be from mild sneezing to asthma, the reactions can get worse, and it is better to use an air purifier for pet hair. This will help you in handling allergy while you enjoy time with your pets.

The good news is that there is plenty of options out there that can help you in case you suffering from pet allergies. Take a look at them, and you will find ways to spend quality time with your pets even if you are allergic to them.

Rent a pet before you buy

Rent a pet before you buy

You should rent a pet at first and try how you or your family member reacts. You can borrow a pet from your friend and spend some time with it. When you get to know about the allergies and their reactions, you can decide whether to buy your pet or not. You can notice the allergies and can ask your allergist if it is controllable or not most of the allergies can be controlled by doing proper care and cleaning.

Less cuddly pet

Most of the allergens come from pet’s fur and dander if you love pets and want one, you can get a less cuddly pet like turtle, fish, rabbits or birds. It doesn’t have furs that can react to your allergies. Furry pets want to cuddle and can leave their dander and furs on your clothes and sofas which can be harmful to you.

Make it an outdoor pet.

Try making that dog or cat an outdoor pet. Set their house in the garden or the backyard. This can reduce the number of allergens in your home. It can benefit the pets too as they can have their activities and exercise and you can play with them outside easily, but you have to make sure that they have every protection they need.

Cleanliness of your pet

Bath that fluffy pet every week. It reduces the dander that causes the allergy. Some pets have fun in the bath, but some pets take a bath as a nightmare, it doesn’t matter how your pet reacts to being in the water, but you should bath them on a weekly basis. Use a safe, non-drying herbal animal shampoo to clean the dead skin cells. Take them for their grooming, keep their fur trimmed and their nails clean.
Cleanliness of your pet

Remove carpets and heavy drapes.

If you are looking to reduce the amount of dander, then look at the places that can be the magnet for it. The dander of your pets gets caught on the floor, and it is easy to clean the tiles or the hardware floors rather than the carpets. It is better to remove the carpet and switch to hardware floors. If it is not possible to remove the carpets, then get it professionally deep Cleaned twice a year. Your rugs and curtains should be cleaned regularly. Make sure to vacuum the carpets once a week. That is where most of their furs get caught and can cause the allergy. Washing articles like curtains, rugs, covers, bed sheets should be washed frequently.

Invest in an air filter

Pet allergens are very lightweight and small, which can stay in the air for a very long time. Some people who have asthma can be triggered by these pet allergens, breathing animal allergens can be harmful to these individuals. Air filters may cost you a lot, but it will be worth it. Air filters will help you in the long run. Air purifiers do a great job of cleaning the air with any pollutants and allergens. Try buying a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) purifier, and it captures variously sized particles. It can help you breathe in the fresh air without any pollutants.

Take your medications

The most important is to take your allergy medicines if you stop taking the medicines, the symptoms of your allergy can come back. You should always keep a check on the chemical known as Histamine. This chemical is responsible for making all the mess in your body when you are allergic to certain things. Try additional treatments like sprays and pills. Find yourself an allergist that can understand your allergies and your love for the pet.

Create an allergy-free zone

Create an allergy-free zone
Create an allergy-free zone in your home, where you can breathe clearly, restrict the pets in coming to that zone. If your allergy gets bad, you can simply go to your allergy-free zones. Make this spot your bedroom as it is where you spend a quiet bit of time, and you can also sleep in an allergy-free zone. Many pet lovers like to snuggle with their pets on the bed, but you should make your bedroom a pet-free zone. Try using impermeable covers for your mattress. Create a nice place for your pet to sleep outside your bedroom. Keep your bedroom door closed when you are not around to prevent pets from spending time there.


By taking proper precautions and care, you can control your pet allergies. There is no need to restrict your pets in your home. If you are truly allergic to the pets, try the above solutions and join the other animal lovers community. There are animal lovers who not only manage their allergies but spend quality time with their pets. Be glad that you didn’t let those allergies break that beautiful bond between you and your pet, live a happy and healthy life with your pets, even if you are allergic to them!

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