How to Install Carport Kits?

DIY Carports Installation

Most homes do not have enough storage spaces and carports can be used as extra storage. If the lawnmower doesn’t fit in the garage anymore, it will fit perfectly in the carport. 

Building a carport from scratch in your home can be both troublesome and tiresome. More so, getting a steel carport built will take a long time and will certainly require a professional builder to assist in the process. Luckily, you can avoid all this hustle by just installing one directly.

Below is the process of how to easily install a carport kit on your property.

Steps for carport kit installation

Step 1. Inspect your ground

For your carport to have enough support and standing strength, consider the ground on which it will stand. Flat ground is the best but there are carports which can also be installed on fields with grass and pebbles. Select the installation ground and level it according to the carport you need.

Step 2. Assemble the base rails

The base rails are the first step to your installation process. Separate the base rails first and assemble them accordingly. Be extra careful for every part to match its anchoring point.

Step 3. Anchor the rails

Next, you’ll need to fix the standing rails which facilitate a strong roof. Fit in the anchoring rails keenly so that the roof will not come down or bring about noises due to loose fixing.

Step 4. Assemble the vertical and trusses frames

Separate the frames which should be used for the trusses and the vertical frames for fixing. Take the appropriate tools and assemble these frames to their appropriate spaces in the baseline.

Step 5. Secure the vertical frames and the trusses to the base rail

Select the trusses and the vertical frames ready to attach them to their corresponding frames. The vertical frames will offer support on the sides lifting the roof of your carport. On the other hand, the trusses will offer attachment to the roof.

It’s not a difficult time though; you will need to be careful as you fix every joint. Careful fixing will give you a strong carport that you won’t need to be afraid of.

Step 6. Attach the roof panels to the trusses frames

Attaching the panels to the previously installed frames is the last stage to completing your carport. Selectively attach your panels to avoid leakage and loose-fitting.

Building a carport can be such a hassle, but installing it is easy and does not require much experience. You only need to follow the right steps for you to have the best carport you desire.

Carport Authorization requirements

Carport Kits2

Before installing a carport on your property, it’s important that you first check on the regulations involved. This depends on where you live. Consider inquiring from the local authorities or the planning departments to know whether you need any permit.

In case you need a permit, go ahead and fill in the necessary application details. You should not proceed with scheduling the installation process before your application has been approved.

Though it’s important to check the city council’s regulations before installing your carport, most countries don’t require any permit for up to a certain area of carport structures. The most common limit for a permit requirement is 150 square feet.

However, some area may ask a permit from the relevant authorities. The permit costs are mostly administered based on the size and the value of your carport structure. Fortunately, the cost can never go beyond $250.


Except offering protection and shelter to your car, a carport can also solve your storage insufficiency. If installed correctly, it can be durable and that will help avoid maintenance costs.

These structures can also be portable; you can easily move your carport nearly anywhere for any use: As long as it’s not too big. For example, you can use your carport as an animal shelter, a camping area or during your long-distance trips. Carports are efficient since they can also be installed in pull-behind trailers. Basically, you can accomplish a lot with your carports. You only need to identify the need you want it to satisfy.

If you follow the above guidelines when installing your carport, you should end up with a strong carport. One that should be able to do everything you wanted it for.

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