How To Install An ADT Home Security System

Your home is supposed to be your haven. You should feel safe at all times. However, there are times when safety is a concern. You’ll likely find burglars left, right, and center who want to steal your hard-earned home investments.

Based on this, investing in a home security system is advisable. It’ll help you maintain the security of your home. One of the common home security companies is ADT. Suppose it’s your preferred provider. How will you install this home security system?

Here’s how to do it:

Buy The System

The first step in installing this system is acquiring it. Visit an ADT shop or distributor near your area and inquire about their home security systems. 

ADT has several options, depending on the features you want. Once you find your preferred system, proceed to make the purchase. In most cases, ADT will require you to sign a contract. Read everything before signing a contract with ADT. You want to know what you’re getting yourself into.

There are options to have the provider install the system for you or install it yourself. If you believe you’re up for the task, ask for an instruction manual from the vendor.

Prepare Your Home

The ADT home system security has various needs; your home must meet them for effective and prompt installation.  

One of the requirements is electricity. It’ll help when testing the system after installation. A strong wi-fi connection is also necessary. You’ll need the internet to connect the digital security system to your wi-fi system.

Suppose an alarm system is part of the features you want with your home security system. Some states will require you to get permits for these. Therefore, research beforehand and determine if a permit is necessary in your area. If it is, acquire one before the installation. 

Set Up The Digital Keypad

The keypad is one of the main tools of your home security system. It’s where you’ll key in your passcode to set, turn on, or turn off the security system. 

It’s advisable that you place the keypad near the main entry point of your home, preferably on the inside. One keypad will suffice if you plan to adopt ADT’s mobile app. The app allows you to turn the system on or off. You can turn it off to gain access without setting off the alarm as you enter the house.  

Suppose you don’t acquire the mobile app. Inquire if it’s possible to have two keypads: one inside and the other outside. It’ll make using the system easier. If it’s not an option, let the ADT advise you accordingly. Also, the keypad should be near a power source.

Most digital keypads come with a self-adhesive back, which you can stick to your ideal position. Alternatively, you can nail it onto your wall. The choice is based on your preference and surrounding circumstances. For example, if you live in a rental apartment, there are landlords that don’t encourage drilling into walls. Here, you’ll have to adopt the adhesive option.

Install The Detectors

With the ADT home security system, there are many detectors you can acquire. These are window and door motion sensors as well as smoke and environmental detectors. 

Window and door sensors will set off the alarm if someone tries to open your doors and windows. Therefore, you should place the sensor near these elements, especially those on your external wall. 

In most cases, burglars gain access to your home from the ground floor. Therefore, install motion detectors in all the rooms in your home with windows and doors. Preferably, have them in the corner of the rooms for more efficiency. Suppose you have a safe or vault room or a balcony on the top floors. Add the sensors to these spaces as well.

Environmental detectors will detect risks like fire and flood in your home. Should you acquire them, please place them in areas where a fire is a possibility, like your kitchen and garage. 

Test The System

Once you have the system up, you should test that it works. First, ensure that all the components, like the motion sensors, keypads, and cameras work. For the cameras and sensors, you’ll likely see LED light on them, either red or green, depending on the system. The keypad should light up and show you its features. 

You can try it out. For instance, you could activate the window and door detectors and try to open them. Did the alarm sound off? These are the aspects to check with all the systems you’ve installed. 

Suppose there’s a part not functioning, and you can’t figure it out. Please seek assistance from the experts. It’s not something you should ignore; it might be a security risk in the future.


An ADT home security system is a great addition to your home. It’ll help you keep your home safe and protect your investments. However, it’ll only meet these needs if you install it correctly. The discussion has given a guide on its installation. Should you get stuck, seek professional assistance. You want to utilize all the features of your investment to the maximum; it’s the only way to get value for your money.

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