How to Improve Your Living Room Decor

The living room is one of the most important spaces in a home. Apart from providing comfort and a neutral ground entertainment of guests, a living room portrays your tastes and preferences to everyone who visits your house. Before you dedicate all your time towards renovating your bathroom and kitchen, it is wiser to start with your living room because it is most the first room that you and your guests come into contact with. Additionally, improving your living room décor is relatively cheaper as it touches on different aspects of the room including the walls, windows, furniture, floor, furniture and ceiling, with a simple yet sophisticated touch. The following ten ways of improving your living room décor guarantee amazing results regardless of the size of your living room.

Introduce an interesting focal point

interesting focal point

The biggest mistake that people make is letting their television become the focal point of their living room. Although a television is a necessity in the living room, it is too common and boring if it is the only noticeable thing in the room. It is therefore important to divert the attention of guests from the television to something else that is more appealing to the eyes. Incorporating a large painting or a portrait is good way of going about it as either of the two can successfully dominate the space. Guests are more likely to be fascinated by something unique and out of the ordinary.

Use bright and warm colors

bright and warm colors
Dull colors not only make a room seem smaller than it really is, but also create an impression of dampness and discomfort. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your living room is dominated by bright colors. Make sure that the walls are painted with bright colors such as cream, white and beige. In order to maintain the rhythm, the color of your furniture, curtains, lighting fixtures and other fitting also remains bright. Bright colors also portray the owner of the house as a clean person because they can easily show dirt and therefore require regular cleaning.

Select unique but appropriate lighting fixtures

lighting fixtures
Lighting fixtures are very important as far as living room décor is concerned. It is necessary to ensure that the living room has the appropriate amount of light, not too bright that it blinds people, yet not too dull people stumble over things. At the same time, lighting fixtures provide an opportunity to improve the living room décor by selecting stylish fixtures that are unique. People are fascinated by unique lighting fixtures and will notice them easily especially since they are the source of light in the room. However, it is important to ensure that the size of the lighting fixtures is directly proportional to the size of the room to avoid instances where for instance a big chandelier is hanging too low or a small light bulb is place on a very high ceiling.

Install interior window shutters

window shutters
Windows have the power to make the living room a comfortable place or a nightmare. Although common belief attributes windows to lighting and ventilation of a room, they do so much more. For instance, you can consider installing S:CRAFT interior window shutters which not only keep the excess light out but also add on to the décor of the room. You can get more information about them from their site. These interior window shutters are customized according to your needs in terms of size, color and design. This means that you can choose a color that blends well with your walls and others fixtures and finishes.

Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of materials and textures to make sure that they blend with the overall texture of your living room. These interior window shutters offer a sophisticated and modern look to your living room that you would not achieve with traditional curtains.

Go for modern furniture styles

modern furniture styles
Your furniture not only welcomes your guests but also speaks a lot about you. Chose furniture that is both classy and comfortable. It is also wise to include a combination of sofas and other makes of seating spaces such as hammock seats and single seats. Comfortable seats enable you to relax as you enjoy your favorite television show or as you chat with your guests. It is also important to ensure that your furniture is easy to clean to avoid them become stained or damp over time. Your choice of other furniture such as a coffee table and ottomans should also blend well with other items in the room.

Chose a welcoming layout

welcoming layout
You might have all the right items in your living room, but their layout makes them look cheap and congested. It is important to ensure that the size of your furniture is directly proportional to the size of your living room. If you have a relatively small living room, you can put a few big pieces of furniture that leave enough space for you and other people to move around. If your living room is big on the other hand, choose a layout that does not make the furniture look scattered all over and where people interact freely. You can also consider incorporating more than one coffee table or divide the room into several sections.

Incorporate art work

art work
Art work is a good way of dominating big spaces that may add emptiness into your living room. For instance, you can add include unique ceiling designs made of colorful art. The ceiling is mostly forgotten especially during the initial decoration of the living room. When improving the décor, it is advisable to consider the ceiling as well by adding color or noticeable designs to break the monotony of the single color used in painting it.

Invest in a big, colorful and comfortable rug

colorful and comfortable rug
The floor may seem like a space that not many people will notice. However, it is most probably the first thing that a person will notice once they set foot into your living room. Adding color on your floor illuminates the room. It is also important to put a big rug that provides comfort to your feet throughout the room. A rug also adds warmth into the room which will make your living room a safe haven for you especially during the cold season.

Use patterns and pillows to break the monotony

patterns and pillows
Using similar colors can make a room seem boring. At the same time, bright colors have the tendency of making a room monotonous. For this reason, it is advisable to consider adding patterns to your living room. You can achieve this by incorporating throw pillows on your seats that have interesting patterns such as animal prints or random prints. The advantage of such pillows is that you can change different prints at different times to make your living room appear more dynamic. Alternatively, you can incorporate patterns on already existing fixtures such as the lighting fixtures and printed ottomans in your living room.

Keep it simple yet sophisticated

simple yet sophisticated
Keeping everything simple in your living room is a plus when it comes to improving your décor. You can achieve this by making sure that only things that are necessary remain in your living room. Removing unnecessary items such as that old sofa that no one sits on any more, or those books that have been sitting on a shelf for more than a year and you have no use for them is a good start for keeping your living room simple. It is also important to go simple on paintings and other wall decorations as many of them make the room appear congested.

Your living room provides you with a comfortable space to relax, entertain yourself and reflect on life. It, therefore, wouldn’t hurt to give it a breath of fresh air and improve on a few things once in a while.

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