How To Get Maximum Cleaning Efficiency From Shark Apex Duoclean Vacuum Cleaner?

The increasing levels of dust pollution and the need to keep premises clean from all dust and suspended particles makes it necessary to have a high performance vacuum cleaner. The numbers of models that are presently available are extensive with equally diverse specifications. Finding one’s way through all the models and specifications may sometimes be a bit of a challenge for individuals who are not aware of matching models with desired functions. Here is a little information about one such powerful model – Shark APEX DuoClean – which will help you to get maximum cleaning efficiency.

Versatile, Detachable Upright Model

This model is the classic upright model which makes it very easy to clean surfaces. The lift away pods are detachable which means that if it is necessary to clean hard to access areas, the pods can be removed facilitating easy cleaning of hard to access areas. The classic upright stands of this powerful vacuum cleaner helps uses to swiftly and thoroughly clean flat surfaces covering large portions effectively and efficiently. The convenient group affords greater control over the handling of the vacuum cleaner.

Effective HEPA Filters For Better Cleaning Outcomes

The featured model has a strong HEPA filter which means that suspended particulate matter will not escape. This will effectively offer strong protection against allergens by ensuring removal of fine particulate matter. The vacuum has an effective feel that prevents the release of air without first removing particulate matter that can become annoying allergens. In addition to the other powerful functions, this vacuum cleaner, by virtue of its HEPA filter, is suitable for operations in all locations where there is a need to prevent allergens.

Relatively Silent Models That Glide Over Surfaces

Despite featuring powerful motors that are super efficient, the vacuum does not contribute to noise pollution by working silently and effortlessly. The heavy duty cleaners are incredibly easy to handle because of the easy maneuverability of the vacuum. This makes it one of the more preferred ones for heavy duty cleaning, as it does not require too much of effort in handling or maneuvering it across large spaces. Noise reduction is achieved by softening the pitch of the motors, which ensures that the vacuum operates almost noiselessly.

Dual Action That Gives It Its Name

The cleaner functions with two cleaning heads which gives it its name of duo clean. The bristle brush is intended for use on carpets and rugs which will remove stubborn an embedded particles from carpets and rugs effectively. The bristles will dislodge and loosen particles that are wedged in rugs and carpets, following which they would be suctioned into the pod. The softer brush is meant for cleaning services directly by picking up particles directly. This versatile dual cleaning action gives the vacuum cleaner its name, which refers to its dual cleaning mechanism.

Tips On Choosing A Suitable Vacuum Cleaner

When you are undecided on how to go about picking the right vacuum cleaner, you could look at a few parameters and make your choice. Ideally you need to be looking at the suction power, the ease of handling, HEPA filters and detachable sections. For suction power you need to look at the power of the motor. A powerful motor with high wattage will offer greater suction power. The handling and manure ability will largely be determined by the handle and weight. Filters are relatively easier to decipher, as the specifications will be listed out. Detachable sections will permit you to easily clean the filter and other portions, helping in maintaining the cleaner.

The featured vacuum is one among the more popular models, for its efficiency, suction power and easy maneuverability. The detachable lift away pods offer greater flexibility in maneuvering the cleaners into hard to access areas. With the right size of dirt cups and powerful motors, this model will never let you down, ensuring that the vacuum remises ad free from allergens. The filters are washable, which means that maintenance will be hassle-free and will not take up too much of time or require specialist tools for cleaning and maintenance. The model lives up to the reputation of the brand as a sturdy and reliable model.

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