How To Fix A Bent Garage Door Track?

Protecting any metal from corrosion and rust is almost like expecting something impossible. No matter how galvanized it is, with time, it will start its natural oxidation. But when it comes to something like a garage door track, a simple rusting can lead to big troubles.

You can ignore the initial signs of damages, but it can cost you a fortune to replace the whole thing after some time. Your door track can be bent or damaged due to many reasons, and as a consequence, you will not be able to pull the door anymore. So why wait for that to happen if you can act and stop it!

Yes, you cannot prevent the external natural factors, but you can definitely learn about the ways to fix the track. Here are a few ways that you felt like sharing:

Bent Garage Door Track1

Possible Causes of a Bent Track

Before coming to the point, let’s just talk about the possible causes because if you do not know the reasons, you cannot find the right solution. Knowing the possible causes may also help you in other ways. Like, you can stop doing those things that are damaging the track, or be a little careful and prevent the tracks from bending. 

The possible reasons for a bent garage door track are, 

  • No lubrication on the rollers
  • Age
  • Hit by a car
  • Jamming 
  • Broken cable

How to Fix the Track?

Here are a few ways to fix the track:

When you open a garage door, the springs create pressure on the tracks. So, whenever you open the garage door, make sure that the bottom of the door is past the seam between the curve of the horizontal track and the vertical track. This will sustain the pressure of the springs, and your door track will be safe from bending. 

You can use a vise grip around the horizontal track and use it under the bottom of the door roller. Use it on sides, front and back. Remember, the vise grip handles must be pointed towards the center of the gate. 

Bent Garage Door Track2

If you notice that the damage is to the bracket and not to the door track, you can take a hammer claw and place it over the top of the bent bracket. After that, pull the hammer as needed to make the bracket straight like it was. 

Use a pillar or a hammer to make the bent track straight by creating artificial pressure. If you don’t succeed, buy another track and change the old bent ones. 

Release the vise grips and hold the door open. Make the door lower in slow motion. Stop the door just before it touches the door. Then tighten the track bolts with a secure hand. 


If the issue is manageable, then only try the DIYs mentioned above. But for major issues or replacement, contact professional service providers. There are a lot of trusted service providers to choose from. A damaged garage door may need immediate attention by a professional to prevent any risk to your family. A defective door puts you at risk of theft. Do not waste your time because this protective shield should not remain compromised for long.

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