How to Find The Perfect Countertop for The Budding Home Chef

Spring is in full bloom and so are all the budding chefs itching to tackle their local farmer’s market. After you select the perfect vegetables and meats, however, you may find your current kitchen countertops aren’t able to keep up. In fact, many older countertops simply aren’t able to sustain the visions of a fledgling home chef.

Luckily, there are countless countertops that are worth the investment. When you’re ready to transform your kitchen into promising chef’s paradise, here are some of the best countertops for the job.



A professional kitchen and a quartz countertop go hand-in-hand. This durable, man-made material is engineered to offer the best in durability and beauty thanks to its naturally-occurring crystals. These gorgeous stones are then combined with appealing colors and a powerful binding resin to prevent stains, scratches, and burns.

Because this countertop is bound with a strong resin, this kitchen option is non-porous. This essential countertop quality means that potentially harmful bacteria don’t stand a chance against your washcloth.

It also means that it’s resistant to water damage, an aspect that steel countertops can never achieve.

The resin also serves as a protectant for the stone underneath, so you never have to polish or re-seal the stone of your counter. Just be sure to choose rounded corners to ensure your edges don’t chip off.

This makes quartz perfect for the budding home cook who might not know to chop raw meat on a glass or steel cutting board. If you’re prone to clumsy spills or mistakes, as most new chefs are, count on quality quartz countertops to quell your kitchen qualms.


Often confused for quartz, this popular countertop is an all-natural option that’s perfect for a chef with a little more experience. Quartzite is heat-resistant, won’t succumb to harmful scratches, and looks better than most man-made alternatives. Because it’s natural stone, every single quartzite countertop you come across is completely unique from another. It’s also less porous than other stone options, making them a great choice for people who hate the thought of man-made materials.

However, you might want to invest in an anti-bacterial option to clean your counter. If you don’t seal this material, you’re opening up your kitchen for bacteria and potential infections or food poisoning. Luckily, a simple seal will last a long time and keep your kitchen safe for years to come.


Porcelain slabs have begun to take the design industry by storm. While this non-porous material is a staple in your home’s bathroom, few people have thought to use this substance in the sanctity of their kitchen.

This increasingly popular option is great because it’s non-porous, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and light as a feather.

In fact, these light pieces of porcelain only weigh between 2.5 and 6 pounds per square foot. This makes them easy to install and a great option for older homes that might buckle under a heavy stone countertop. Simply place these slabs over your pre-existing countertop for a new look to go along with your new hobby. They’re also available in a range of colors and patterns, making them fully customizable for a picky home chef with a particular vision.

Butcher Block

Butcher Block
New home cooks need to learn a lot of skills on their journey to become an expert. In their quest to learn new talents, however, your countertops might take a beating. Why not take out the middle man and cut directly on your counter?

Butcher block countertops are another increasingly popular option in home kitchens across the country.

Instead of relying on cutting boards that clutter up your counter space, more home cooks are investing in butcher block countertops to streamline their cooking process. This is a great option if you like a rustic look, but it does mean that your countertops won’t stay perfect forever. The worn look your butcher block countertop will acquire over years of use and care will give it a little extra character.

They won’t last forever, but with proper care, they’ll last for years to come.

On your quest to become the next all-star home cook, you need a countertop that works for you. Try out these options when you want to turn your hobby into a talent.

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