How to Find the Best General Contractors in Toronto

You’ve been thinking about upgrading your kitchen, sprucing up your basement, and refreshing things around the house but never really got around to it. Yes, it’s expensive but a botched job using an unreliable contractor is far worse. After all, the last thing you want are loose kitchen cabinets, patchy flooring, or sub par electric wiring.

Choosing the right home contractor in Toronto isn’t easy. There’s so many of them out there which makes it even harder if this is the first time you’re trying to get work done around the house. Reno-Assistance General Contractors Toronto makes finding a reputable general contractor in Toronto easy by doing all the steps below for you.

In order to settle on the best home contractor in Toronto, we recommend that you adhere to these steps.

Start with a plan

Lots of people looking to get contracting work done around the house don’t always have a specific idea in mind. Yes, they want sturdier flooring or an improved basement but haven’t done their research about what that entails specifically. Before you engage a contractor, make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. That makes it easier for you to communicate your requirements and get an idea of things like duration of contract and cost.


Don’t ask your contractor to come up with ideas of how the basement or kitchen could be improved. Design isn’t their forte and their job is to carry out the task you have in mind.

Ask your friends and family for recommendations


It’s easy to go on Kijiji and search for general contractors but how would you know whether the person is up to scratch? You’ve likely never worked with them before and have to take them at face value. A better idea is to ask those in your immediate circle about the contractors they might have used in the past and which ones they recommend. If you’re new to the city and don’t have a close group of friends yet, then ask your contractor for references or to show examples of prior projects.

Take a few days to decide

We don’t advocate rushing this decision. Don’t just settle on the first contractor you come across and who seems like a good fit. Interview at least three or four and ask for quotes. That will help in whittling down the cost as you can settle for the lowest bid. It’s also possible to try and negotiate the contract to your advantage, if the contractors find out you’re actively considering others then they might give you favorable terms.

Who doesn’t like saving a bit of cash?

Check for licenses

It’s preferable that your contractor has some degree of formal education in the field. This could either be a degree in construction management or a diploma in areas like plumbing, air conditioning, and the like. If there’s no proof of formal education, then the contractor must have at least served a three to five year apprenticeship with a licensed general contractor. It’s also preferred that they’re a member of the Ontario General Contractors Association as it’ll help establish legitimacy.

Ask for a contract

Ask for a contract

When you decide on a general contractor in Toronto that meets your needs, don’t let the agreement be based on verbal guarantees. Make sure there’s a comprehensive scope of work in place, which lists all the responsibilities of the contractor as well as timelines for each deliverable. If your contractor plans on subcontracting part of the work, then make sure those roles are clearly defined with deadlines for each task.

If your contractor is reluctant to sign a contract or asks for payment in cash, then that’s usually a red flag. It means they’re not officially registered as a business and are likely trying to avoid paying taxes on the income. While this may also mean they quote a lower cost, the end result could be delays and shoddy work. And since you’re not protected by a legally-binding document, there’s little you can do in terms of legal recourse.

Choosing a general contractor in Toronto can be a stressful endeavor, but there are ways you can make it easier for yourself. The steps in this post will certainly assist.

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