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How to Find the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Almost every house chores nowadays have an equivalent technology. When it comes to the top technologies that make the tasks around the house easier, vacuum cleaners are definitely on top. From corded and bulky vacuum cleaners, manufacturers now offer cordless vacuum cleaners in the market. Cordless vacuum cleaners are now accessible in brick and mortar and online shops.

Gone are the days when you still need to plug and unplug it whenever you need to transfer to another room. If you’re sick of this routine that also includes untangling the cord all the time, switch to a cordless vacuum. Check out these points to find the best cordless vacuum cleaner. If you want to use a ready-made list,you can check this list by HelloDiya here


Before you buy the first cordless vacuum cleaner that you see in any store, decide which type suits your needs the most. This vacuum has different types which include the stick, cylinder, and upright vacuum cleaner. The first one is the most common type that features a long and compact design. It has a slim cleaning tube to clean the floor which can be removed to convert into a handheld vacuum. 

The upright vacuum cleaner is bulkier than the stick vacuum cleaner but it has a flexible canister that you can detach. Meanwhile, the cylinder vacuum cleaner looks like traditional vacuums since it has some barrel wheels and a long flexible cleaning tube. It has a large capacity which can reduce your trips to the bin. The latest type of cleaner is the Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner which makes cleaning easier and faster due to its cordless and lightweight design.

Handheld Cleaning Mode

The more convenient it is, the better. Thus, many cordless vacuum cleaners nowadays also have a built-in handheld cleaning mode. This is quite common in stick vacuum cleaners where you can swap mini tools and floor tools. Some models are also specially designed as pull-out handheld vacuums.

You can remove the entire cleaning tube and attach tools to the main vacuum unit to have a handheld vacuum. This is perfect if you need to clean small/tight spaces around the house or even in your car. If you want to clean a huge floor area, you might be disappointed that a few models only have a handheld mode. The handheld mode is usually available in smaller cordless vacuums since it is easier to carry around. 

Battery Life

Since it’s cordless, you need a good battery pack to get the job done in record time. The first cordless vacuum cleaners hardly lasted 20 minutes so manufacturers improved their runtime from 20 to 45 minutes. The amount of time that you can maximize the use of a cordless vacuum cleaner depends on its battery. In some cases, its settings may also affect its battery consumption.

Some models with swappable batteries may last up to 60 minutes but costs more. Regardless, you shouldn’t choose a model for its battery alone. A vacuum with around 23 minutes run time will do already if your house has 1,150 sq. ft. area only. 


Cleaning with a cordless vacuum can help you save time if you also check its dust capacity. Having a small capacity means you have to empty it and clean the filters more frequently. This means that you need to waste more time going back and forth to the bin before you finish. If not, your vacuum will not pick up much dirt since its filters are still blocked.

Meanwhile, bag-less models usually contain a dirt ejector which is a silicone collar that pushes any debris into the dust bin. The important thing is to choose a bigger capacity to reduce your trips to the bin. 

Weight, Balance, and Noise

An average cordless vacuum cleaner weighs 3kg. which means that it is easier to carry around whenever you need to clean. It also matters that its weight is balanced to prevent fatigue after cleaning your room or even the entire house. The noise is another thing to consider unless you want to disturb everyone in the house. Since any vacuum tends to be noisy in a small room that creates an echo, pick the canister vacuums. These vacuum cleaners operate with less noise.  


The price of cordless vacuum cleaners varies depending on its type, special features, and brand. Some may cost about 10000Rs to 25000Rs while others may cost above 50K and above. Although most cordless vacuum cleaners are “bagless”, some models have a compartment where you can place a disposable dust bag. Thus, these models tend to have a bigger dust capacity which is convenient. 

These models are also time-efficient since you can cover more areas and empty it less often. If you want a more flexible vacuum, pick a handheld model with a detachable cleaning tube for the floor and long runtime.

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