How to Ensure Your Home is Ready for the Arrival of Guests

It goes without saying that hosting house guests can be a stressful experience. There’s so much to think about; what they will want to eat, what they will want to drink, what they will want to do and so on. Before you even think about those details, you have to think about how you can get your home at it’s best prior to their arrival. It can seem overwhelming, but just by following a few simple steps, you’ll find it easier than you expected to. Whether you’re having family over for a holiday or occasion, or whether you’ve got a guest room you rent out as an AirBnB, you’ll be sure to impress your guests.

Thoroughly Clean the Bathroom

Thoroughly Clean the Bathroom

Regardless of who your guests are, it’s inevitable that they’re going to use the bathroom, and there’s nothing more unpleasant than an unclean one. Pay extra attention to ensure that your whiteware – the toilet, sink, and bath – are all sparkling clean. Remember that your guests have no choice but to use these facilities, so you should ensure that they can do so comfortably. You also have a duty to make sure they everything they may need to use readily available to them. Make sure you have fresh towels and a fresh hand towel ready, the toilet roll supply is replenished and that there is handwash and toothpaste, newly opened and ready to be used. Give it the finishing touch by installing an automatic air freshener. This means the bathroom; however it’s been used and whoever by, will always smell fresh and welcoming.

Ensure the Guest Room is the Piece De Resistance

Ensure the Guest Room is the Piece De Resistance
The guest room is potentially the place of the highest importance when it comes to making your home welcoming. This is the room in which guests will spend most of their time, and be able to enjoy their privacy, so make sure that they have a comfortable stay! It goes without saying that you’ll have to ensure the guest room is spick and span, but if it hasn’t been upgraded in a while, consider renewing some of the accessories and furnishings within the space. It goes without saying that the bed is of upmost important here. Although the bed frame itself may be fine, chances are that if it’s been there for years used by several different guests, the mattress itself will need renewing. However, buying an entirely new mattress is an expensive option, so you may have to consider alternatives here. Mattress pads by Sealy are the perfect alternative to buying a whole new mattress, because they’ll add comfort and support to what you have there already. Follow up on this by getting some decent bedding and cushions. It’s visually more appealing and it will make your guest comfier. Small finishing details like putting a house plant in the guest room or investing in a fresh-smelling automatic air freshener will take the room to the next level. Your guests won’t want to leave!

Make Sure There is Space for Their Things

Presumably, if you’re having house guests, they’ll have travelled so will bring luggage with them. Make sure you fashion a safe space where they can put their cases or bags and coats, so they can access them easily and feel at ease about where they are.

Ensure the Kitchen is Immaculate

Ensure the Kitchen is Immaculate
Chances are you’ll be cooking for your guests, so make sure that they see your kitchen looking clean and hygienic – and of course, that the kitchen is actually a hygienic space in which to prepare food.

Make sure that you wipe and disinfect all of the kitchen countertops, including the sink, oven and microwave. Ensure that all of your dishes, cups and cutlery are cleaned thoroughly too – there’s nothing more off putting than cutlery and dishes with marks all over them! Empty the sink or dishwasher entirely of dishes and put everything away in an orderly fashion so it’s easier for your guests to find. You could even consider labelling cupboards and the like with what’s inside of them – just to make it that bit easier!

Think About Lighting

Last of all, consider how you’re going to light your home ready for the arrival of your guests. Overhead lighting can seem a bit harsh and clinical, so investing in some softer lighting such as lamps and yellowy bulbs can make your home look altogether cosier. Just by putting in that extra bit of effort, you’ll be sure to impress your guests and have them feeling at home in no time at all.

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