Top Tips for Making Your Home Comfier and Cosier

There is nowhere more important than your home. It’s your safe haven; the place you come to at the end of a stressful day, where you can shut the door and rest of the world out and get some much needed down time. Whether your idea of relaxing is sinking into your sofa in front of the television or tucking up in bed to read a book and have an afternoon snooze, you’ll want to ensure that your home is as cosy and comfortable as possible. With these top tips, you’ll be so comfortable you’ll never want to leave your home again.

Invest in Some Double Glazing

Invest in Some Double Glazing

Temperature is an important element in making your home as comfortable as possible. There’s nothing less comfortable than being too hot or too cold, so make sure you do everything you can to eliminate these risks. Although in Summer having the windows open and letting the breeze in is a relief, in the cold winter it’s the complete opposite, especially if your windows are letting in a draught. Not only will you be wasting money on higher heating bills, but chances are you’ll be uncomfortable too. If you don’t already have them, investing in double glazing windows can make a massive difference in this respect. By retaining heat well, you’ll actually end up saving money on your energy bills each month.

If you want to spend a little extra and opt for having sash windows installed, they look extremely classy and ultimately improve the appearance of your home.

Think Carefully About Curtains

Curtains make a bigger impact on a room than you realise, but it’s important to move with the seasons on this one. In the winter, chances are you’ll want to opt for a heavy curtain. These look particularly cosy, and completely block the outside world. Even if we’re experiencing terrible British weather outside in the Winter months, it doesn’t mean you should have to deal with it inside too! In the warmer Summer months, something a bit lighter like blinds, shutters or silk curtains are ideal. They let in just the right amount of light and warmth, whilst blocking the sun enough to ensure your home doesn’t get too hot, and the light isn’t constantly shining in your eyes.

Invest in Some Good Quality Furniture

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When you think about comfort, you’ll tend to imagine yourself curling up on the sofa or getting in to bed for an early night. The key to comfort, is furniture of a good quality. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough space to sprawl out and fully recharge your batteries, so the obvious place to start is with your bed. If your bed is looking a bit old or feeling a little springy, you could invest in something new and improved, for example a good quality comforter set by California King. With comfort like that, you’ll never want to get out of bed in the morning! The same applies for your sofa. Remember to do your research and make sure it’s both comfortable, spacious and well resilient if you have kids and pets. Your sofa probably gets put under more strain by the whole family than any other furniture item in the home, so it makes sense to invest in a high-quality set!

Use Colour Wisely

When choosing the colour you’ll paint your home, think carefully before taking the plunge and slapping it on the walls. Remember that the colour you paint a room can effect many things: it’s feel, it’s mood, it’s size and it’s overall appearance. To be honest, it all depends on personal preference.
Use Colour Wisely
Something that does tend to work well however, is going for neutral walls with colourful interjections.

Deep colours such as reds and purples lend themselves particularly well with this trend. One thing to be mindful of, is painting all of your walls a deeper colour. One accent wall can look great, however if you paint the entirety of the room in this shade, you run the risk of making the room looking smaller, darker, and you’re more limited to what furniture and accessories you can use.

Light it Up

Last of all, chosen wisely, lighting can transform a space and highlight items of your choosing. Lighting can create a calming and stylish atmosphere but be careful of choosing anything too bright. Strong overhead lighting can give an overall harsh effect. Instead, opt for warmer yellowy coloured bulbs and lamps to create a relaxing ambience in the room. A great way to add some magic to the cosy atmosphere is by investing in some fairy lights. Draping them in the room is a cheap and inexpensive way of making the room ultra-cosy.

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