How To Effectively Avoid Catastrophes On The Road

Did you know that an average of 10,000 people are killed in car accidents every year? And this number is only getting higher. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for people between 18-24 years old and a significant contributor to accidental deaths across all age groups.  

Tips To Avoid Severe Accidents 

Preventing accidents is easy when you know what to do. However, accidents do happen. If you get involved in an accident in Pasadena, seek medical attention, contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Pasadena, and document the accident. The accidents happen because sometimes it’s hard to judge distance, speed, and time while driving. So you must always drive responsibly by obeying the rules of the road and staying focused on your surroundings. Here’s how to effectively avoid catastrophes on the road.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt 

Seat belts are life-saving devices that stop your body from going out of the car, getting injured in a collision with other objects, or hitting hard surfaces. They keep you strapped into place, so you don’t get thrown around and potentially injure yourself even more. 

The seat belt also spreads the force created by accident to areas where it is less likely to cause injury, such as hips and thighs, rather than just shoving all this energy towards one place like the chest. When using seat belts, doctors have found they can reduce injuries up to 50%.

Refrain From Texting While Behind The Wheel

Texting while driving is a dangerous habit that can lead to accidents. It takes the driver’s attention off of the road and increases their chances for accidents and mishaps on the way. Not only does texting distract drivers, but it also slows down response time when there are sudden obstacles in front of them or as they approach an intersection with lights changing colors.

It is best to refrain from texting while driving. Texts, pictures, and videos can be saved later if the driver needs to read or watch them at a more convenient time. Other drivers on the road need someone entirely focused on their environment to not hit them with an accident causing negligence. 

Keep a Safe Following Distance Behind

It’s essential to keep a safe following distance behind drivers. If they start braking for no reason, you’ll have more time to react and brake as well. If the driver in front of them slams on their brakes, then you will be able to apply your brakes much quicker than if you were driving following close behind.

The society of automotive engineers suggests that the minimum space between two cars is four seconds as they drive at 55 mph (88 kph). It would help if you doubled this time for slower speeds to create an even wider margin of safety if something goes wrong on the road ahead. 

Don’t Drink and Drive  

Deaths from drunk-driving crashes have been on the decline in recent years. A study found that over half of all accident fatalities happen because of drinking and driving. This is not something you want to do! Take precautions to avoid being a victim by calling for help if necessary.

Catastrophes On The Road2

There are plenty of options out there now, like Uber or Lyft. When walking home after your night out, stay aware of your surroundings and try not to walk alone at night as it can be dangerous with drunk drivers around. If possible, get someone else who’s sober to drive you home – even if they don’t drink anymore either– so no one drinks and drives. 

Avoid Falling Asleep Behind The Wheel 

Falling asleep while driving has led to many grave mishaps. If you find yourself feeling sleepy, pull off the road and take a nap. It would be best to try to avoid driving at night or after having drinks with friends.

If you find yourself feeling accidentally drowsy, pull off of the highway and take a nap in your vehicle. It would help if you also tried to avoid driving late at night or after having drinks with friends. It is best if you can find someplace safe to park before getting out of your car when pulling over so that no one will hit your parked vehicle while asleep. Sleeping drivers have been known to drift into other lanes without realizing it until they wake up.

The safest way to drive is by following the tips mentioned above. When you’re behind the wheel, It’s your responsibility to keep yourself safe as well as those around you. You have to stay alert during long drives or commutes.

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