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How to Dog-Proof Your House

How to Dog-Proof Your House

Before you bring home your dog, every pet owner knows that there are certain modifications they need to make in order to dog-proof their house. A dog will explore every aspect of your house and get into everything that is out in the open and eat your house plants. From your living room, kitchen, and backyard, every aspect of your house will need to well thought out before you bring a dog or puppy home.

In this article, we’re going to go over the best ways to dog-proof your house which will not only keep your dog safe but also prevent items around your house from getting destroyed. We will also go over some tips that will make having a dog more convenient such as a doggie door for sliding glass doors. Stay tuned as well go over how to dog-proof your house.

Make sure that you remove all toxic plants

Dogs will chew, swallow, and eat virtually anything that smells good. In addition, if you’re getting a puppy, it’s almost guaranteed they will chew on your plant and dig in the dirt. There are several poisonous plants that are going to be allergic to your dog. Make sure that you put them in hard to reach places. For your larger plants, you may need to put them outside where they will be out of reach for your dog.


Prepare your kitchen area.

Lots of dog owners don’t like their animal to be in the kitchen area because there are always lots of toxic foods for your dog like chocolate, grapes, and avocados. The best solution is to get a baby gate to block off the section of your kitchen. This also helps when you’re cooking or eating dinner, and your dog wants to beg for food. In addition, make sure that your knives or other kitchen related items are in a safe spot. You don’t want your dog to harm or choke themselves on objects they can grab.

Prepare your living room.

If you have a fireplace in your living room, you’re going to need to get a cover so your dog doesn’t cause any trouble. In addition, living rooms typically have a lot of loose cords and items hanging out. Puppies love to chew on things, especially electrical cords, which may cause severe damage to your pet. Make sure all harmful items are out of reach for your new dog.

If you plan to let your dog roam around the inside of your house as well as the backyard, I would consider getting a doggie door. These are highly convenient so you don’t always have to get up and let your dog out of the house. In addition, sometimes you’re busy at work or need to run an errand in which your dog can use the bathroom outside themself.

Prepare your backyard and garage

There are many things that can harm your dog in the backyard and garage. People typically keep all their outdoor supplies that are going to be toxic to dogs in their garage. These are chemicals like bug killer, gasoline, anti-freeze, or oils. Make sure that these items are off the ground and out of reach for a dog.


The backyard also needs to be prepared for your new dog. There are several outdoor plants that are going to be toxic to dogs. In addition, if you recently put snail or slug bait on the ground, you’re going to want to find a way to remove it before you let your dog loose in the backyard. Chemicals are the main source of danger for a dog in the backyard.

Conclusion for How to Dog-Proof Your House

In general, there are lots of things that you need to do around your house in order to prepare for your new dog. In general, you want to make sure that there is not going to be anything toxic that your dog can reach and move all harmful electrical cords to higher areas. In addition, if you want to segregate your dog from certain areas of your home, you need to consider getting a retractable dog gate. For more information about dogs and dog products, you can visit Care Of My Dog. We hope that some of our tips helped you better prepare you and your home for the arrival of your new dog.

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