A Guide to Dubai Marina Tour 2020

Dubai Marina comprises Jumeirah Beach residence that extends from the Al Sufouh to Dubai Media City. This beautiful city has been built along the shoreline of the Persian Gulf and it is just 3 km away. Hire car before you start exploring the Dubai Marina so you can go anywhere, anytime you want.

Dubai Marina attracts many tourists every year. It is the perfect combination of cosmopolitan vibes and beautiful beaches. The skyscrapers are ruling the sky alongside the winding canal. Luxury yachts are always ready for their next trip. Also, due to the proximity to the open sea, you can spot whales and sharks entering the Dubai marina if you are lucky.

You can enjoy luxury apartments, 5-star hotels and restaurants, boutiques, shops, and much more in Dubai Marina. Well, there is a lot to do and visit but here are a few highlights that help you to get started with your trip.

Enjoy Cruise:

Enjoy Cruise

There is no better way to explore the water neighborhood than on a cruise. Book the traditional cruise and climb on it to enjoy the amazing views of the Dubai marina. You can enjoy a cruise ride anytime as it departs after every hour. Try to book the upper deck seat so you can enjoy the best views. You can also enjoy dinner on Cruise with your loved ones.

Outdoor enjoyment:

You can eat, swim, and shop in the Dubai marina as it offers the best restaurants and malls. The impressive outdoor entertainment is located just opposite of JBR. There are more than 60 shopping malls to try and many restaurants to dine in. You can enjoy a quick swim or play volleyball with your family on the sand.

Fly over the Marina top:

The world’s largest zipline was opened back in 2017 and adventurous tourists have been flocking since then. The Xline team runs flights from JBR Towers across to the other side of the waterway on top of Marina mall. They fly at an average speed of 80 km per hour. So, if you love adventure you should try this activity in Marina.
Fly over the Marina top

Camel ride on Marina Beach:

Don’t forget to take a camel ride at JBR and Marina beach. Also, it is quite an affordable option to have the sea view by a camel ride. The Arabian camels are adorned with fancy blankets and tassels. You might take some time to adjust first, but you will start enjoying your ride eventually.

Transportation in Marina:

If you want to travel with ease by using an affordable option, then you should look for Cheap rent a car Also, this city has a sophisticated urban lifestyle and you can travel on public transport as well. The metro services in Dubai connect the Marina with many other major cities. The Al Sufouh Tramway connects the Burj Al Arab and mall of emirates and it has interchanging facilities with 3 metros.

You can also take the metro from Dubai airport to Marina and it will take just 45 minutes. You can also hire a car and it will be just 20 to 25 minutes then. In case you are on the Sky bus, it will take 2 hours to reach there.

Dubai Marina Walk:

Take a marina walk to enjoy the 305 shopping outlets and 69 eateries. In this way, you can explore the dining and shopping area easily. You can satisfy your taste buds at coco’s, Ruby Tuesday, etc and enjoy the Gulf view from Jumeirah beach. Also, on the weekends you can enjoy different shows and events at Cobblestone Boulevard.
Dubai Marina Walk

Enjoy Spa season:

You can enjoy the Dubai Marina spa after a hectic day of exploring around. One of the best spas is Caracalla that is located at le Royal Meridian beach. Relax with the full body massage and facial as these spas offer steam rooms and sauna.

Here you go with the few suggestions and recommendations for different things to do in Marina. You can utilize a GO DUBAI card and cheap rent a car service to cut down your total trip cost. We hope you will enjoy roaming around and add these recommendations to your next Dubai Marina trip.

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