How to Design a Luxury Kitchen on a Budget

What homeowner doesn’t want a touch of luxury to the home they took such pride in buying? Of course, luxury comes at a cost and that’s something many families just can’t afford at this time. Well, the good news is that you can emulate high-end interior décor with just a few DIY skills, some creative inspiration and a bit of time on your hands. Are you handy with a hammer, saw and paintbrush? If so, here are some interesting and affordable ways to transform your kitchen into a room worthy of a photo op in Better Homes and Gardens.

Recognize that Paint Is Your New BFF

Recognize that Paint Is Your New BFF

While you might be wanting new cabinets and perhaps wallpaper instead of that tired off-white paint on your walls, it’s time to realise you are on a budget. However, don’t let that dissuade you because there are ways to “fake it.” The first thing you may want to do is look at the condition of those cabinets and cupboards. Are they relatively devoid of chips and deep gouges? If so, a quick bit of sanding and a few coats of paint can help you achieve a look as good as new and no one will ever be the wiser.

Wallpaper Workarounds

Wallpaper Workarounds

Now then, when it comes to your walls, there are a few tips and tricks you can easily use which wouldn’t involve all the labour and cost of wallpapers. The first method is to use stencils to literally paint your walls so that they have anything from flowers to fruit to anything in between. Are you going for a nautical feel? Then why not seahorses and anchors? The second thing you can do is buy a huge number of decals that are easily applied to walls and these are a lot less expensive and much less labour intensive than wall papering entire walls.

Can’t Afford Marble Worktops? No Problem!

Can’t Afford Marble Worktops

Most, if not all, high end homes have real marble worktops. Yes, they can be quite expensive as can their hardwood counterparts, but there is also a line of quality laminate kitchen worktops that give the appearance of marble and have been crafted to be heat and scratch resistant. The point is, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get that same high-quality look at a fraction of the cost.

Cabinet and Drawer Knobs and Pulls

Cabinet and Drawer Knobs and Pulls

Have you looked at all the amazingly attractive and thematic drawer knobs and pulls there are on the market? If you are creating a whole new look in your kitchen, working mostly with what you have installed, why not check out some ideas for giving those tired cabinets a whole new appeal? You don’t need to settle for the standard round knobs after applying that fresh coat of pain. So, you’ve gone with a seaside décor or something fresh like a country garden kitchen design, then why not look for knobs and pulls shaped like anchors or fruits? There is no end to the variations in styles, so you can create any look you are after on a budget without replacing the entire cupboard!

Investments You May Want or Need to Make

Even when remodelling your kitchen on a budget, there are some things which you will probably need to invest in. First on the list would be appliances. Perhaps the ones you have would look right with your new décor, but are they working adequately? Refrigerators are especially important because if they are overworking to keep foods cold or frozen, you are literally throwing money down the drain.

Stoves and countertop appliances may need to be purchased new as well. If they are still serviceable, no problem. But if all four burners aren’t working on your stove and the oven doesn’t heat as it’s supposed to, this is an item on your list which you must include in your budget. Why remodel a kitchen which isn’t going to be functional when complete? It doesn’t make sense.

Separating the Needs from the Wants

When creating a budget for your DIY luxury kitchen, take time to seriously analyse those things you sincerely need. Appliances will top the list, that is guaranteed. However, other things you can add over time if they aren’t necessary. Perhaps you’d like a new under-counter dishwasher but haven’t the money. If something you must have suffers for some element you want, it’s better to wait until you save up a bit of extra cash.

The point is, with just a little creative genius and a well-formulated plan in place, you can get the look, feel and function of a luxury kitchen if you just put your mind to it and do the work yourself. Just don’t rush into it until you have all the facts and figures lined up and you’ll be surprised, you might just have enough left over for that new dishwasher you’ve been dreaming of. That would be a welcome plus.

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