How to Decorate your Walls of Your Rooms

Are you tired of staring at that empty wall in your room? A bare wall tends to drain the personality out of a well-put-together room. It makes the room feel empty and, to be honest, boring. Whether you are a minimalist in an uptown apartment or a maximalist in a charming country house, dealing with a blank, windowless wall can feel hopeless. However, some good news is there are a couple of ways you can deal with this blank wall headache. Wondering how to decorate your walls? Here are some decor ideas you can use to spice up the walls of your rooms.

1. Floating shelves

Do you like switching things up every now and then? A styled floating shelf is something to consider for your blank wall. Besides loads of character it injects into your space, a floating shelf serves a functional purpose. You can use it to display your favorite reads and switch them out for potted plants whenever you want. The last thing you can expect is your wall to be boring.  

2. Enchant it with lighting

Are you looking to add some extra light to your space without taking up space on the floor? Resting on your wall can be two lighting fixtures that illuminate the room. Wall light fixtures don’t just bring in light but also style; all you need to do is find an eye-catching design that marries well with your space.

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3. Mimic mural

Instead of blankly staring into an empty wall, why not add artful touches with a painted mural. Create a visual interest to your bare wall by incorporating a hand-painted mural. If you have good painting skills, you can do the mural, or if not, you can find one done by an artist. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were transported right out of the world by looking at your wall? 

4. Tap into art

Are you looking for an excuse to add more art to your space? This is it! A few pieces of art on your wall are excellent to bring some texture to your wall. Black and white photography, wall hangings, you can even try to make your pieces and display them. 

5. Hang a mirror up

Minimalists, you will live this decorating idea. Hanging a mirror on your wall is one way to make things interesting without doing the most. A mirror catches the light, which widens and illuminates the space. You can zhuzz it up with an ornate mirror with a signal design or a large mirror with a plain frame. The choice is yours! 

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6. Time it with a clock

Keep track of your day as you liven up your wall simultaneously with a large wall clock. Hit two birds with a stone and add a pop of color with a cold bright clock. Clocks are available in various colors and designs, so pick one that complements your space best. 

7. Hang some china

Here’s another wall décor that can liven up your wall. Is there any fine china you keep stuck away in the cabinet? Time to bring it out and display them on your wall. Don’t worry about matching them up. The assortment of porcelain plates in different sizes and design patterns is excellent to spice up the wall. 

Staring at the blank wall, you could quickly feel the effort you put with the rest of the room begin to crumble right before your eyes. No need to freak out. A blank wall doesn’t have to stumble its way into a rabbit hole of doubt. With the secrets unleashed in this piece, the rest should be easy. Get ready to spice up your dull, empty wall with the inspo above. 

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