How to Decorate Your Home and Office with Fragrance?

When designing our homes and offices, there is one certain aspect that tends to get overlooked often. This particular aspect is fragrance. Scents can be helpful in a multitude of ways. A perfect home or office space should appeal to all our senses, not just the visuals. This includes the sense of smell as well.

A well-decorated space naturally looks pleasant and inviting. However, once you add the factor of fragrance, it refines the elegance and creativity of the place even further. It gives your place a delightful finish.

Following are a few of the ways that you can incorporate fragrance into your home or workplace to give it a more graceful and charming flavour.

A Beautiful Garden

One of the most obvious and natural ways to instil scent into any environment is with fresh flowers. For this purpose, you might want to leave space out for a garden in your interior design plan. You can make this garden visually and aesthetically pleasing by adding big, stylish pots and even a small fountain. A well thought out arrangement of the plants and flowers will add to the visual pleasure.

Plus, the delightful scents from the flowers will keep the atmosphere smelling pleasant and fresh. Arrange for proper ventilation with wide windows and french doors to spread the fragrances throughout your homes. You can also take flowers to display them in vases around the room.

You can have a small, indoor garden in your office, and it will make a significant impact all the same. You can check out our online garden design section to get ideas for beautiful outdoor and indoor garden designs.

Fragrance Decoration Items


There are various types of products you can use to include fragrance in your interior design. These products include scented candles, reed diffusers and incense burners etc., or you can also display potpourri or dried lavender in jars and bowls at various spots in your home or office, including shelves and tables.

Candles, diffusers and incense burners come in multiple attractive colours and forms. Incense burners are particularly desirable in their various shapes of either sticks or cones, or waterfalls. An incense waterfall backflow burner is a stunning piece to add to any space’s decoration. It will even look just as great as it smells.

Space Appropriation


When decorating, an important element to keep in mind is what goes best where. Space appropriation can really amplify the effects of your decorative materials. For example, in the bedroom, calming, stress-reducing, and sleep-aiding fragrances like jasmine and lavender would be perfect. In the kitchen, you might use citrus-based fragrances or either vanilla. In an office setting, scents like vetiver or peppermint would be most appropriate since they are linked with better cognitive functions and enhanced focus and concentration.

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Synthetic Items


The battery-powered flameless candles and tea lights with scented wax look identical to the real ones. They even flicker and are almost impossible to be termed as fake from a distance. You might find these in the office designer London since these are best used in an office setting. That is due to the absence of a real flame and convenience of turning on and off.

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