How to Decorate your Garden with LED Lights


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Most people enjoy and love the golden hours of the day. It is that perfect time when the sun meets up with the night and creates sensational lighting effects all around the world. The sky looks amazingly beautiful at this hour of the day. If you wish to create the same sensational phenomenon by using LED lights in your garden then before you start panning you need to look into two major things.

The first utmost thing you need to consider is the functionality of the outdoor LED lights. You need some sort of comforting light that will help you to walk or cook in your garden in a much convenient way. Make sure your lights are placed well near the trees. This way the light is cast away and it beautifully illuminates the garden.

The second point to consider is related to the ambiance. The types and setting of the LED lights determine the overall mood of the garden and the people residing there. LED lights can be placed at certain locations that help highlight distinctive corners of the garden that lets the people explore more and more of the area.

6 Designs to Decorate your Garden

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1. Creating a silhouette with ground-level LED Lights

The ground-level lights are commonly used to highlight certain aspects of the areas such as a tree, a statue or plants. The ground-level backdrop lights help to create a silhouette of trees or other stuff present in the garden.

2. Create a glow around trees and foliage with spike lights

If you place well-organized and balanced spike LED lights around the garden you sure are going to make a big difference. The spike lights are situated within the base of the trees. These lights create a shadowy effect and light up other minor details present in your garden.

3. Add lights with discretion

When it gets dark it becomes important to light up the area to make things visible to the naked eye. You can simply dart away small bright full lights all over the garden to create a great atmosphere. Make sure these tiny discrete lights are not placed directly because they are strong to the eye. But if you place them all over the garden you are going to create a cozy environment and you are going to love every bit of it.

4. Use of flames

Some couples love to spend some quality time with one another over the weekends and the garden is referred to as the best romantic spot. To create a feeling of love in the air or the overall area flames is going to be a great option. The flames can be placed in the form of candles or lanterns. These days Moroccan-style lanterns are commonly used. These add extra beauty to the garden area and create a sense of sensuality and love. It also adds to warmness in the air. So lanterns are a great option.

5. Use repetition or add shadows

Repetitive lights are a fun thing to do. You can place the lights over tracks or pathways to brighten up the spots. You can use interval lights such as the four-light set from outdoor 72. Apart from repetitive lights, shadows can be created through the use of Moroccan-style strings. These add a very dramatic sense of feeling to the area. If you wish to add depth to your outdoor space these are a great option for you to set your area like this. These are cost-effective measures that are used a lot by folks.

6. Use lights to bring colour to the garden

Another option for outdoor lights is to use silk lanterns that add great texture and colour to your garden. When you add lights in the form of a different colour scheme you create a lovely ambience for everyone to sit in and enjoy. Your garden is that part of your house where you breathe and live and stay out of all the stresses that are disturbing you. If you make your garden beautiful the air around you also becomes healthy and attractive. This way it becomes the favorite spot for relaxing and enjoying.

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