How to Create Lord of the Flies Bedroom

For teenagers who are in the process of discovering their personality, how to decorate a bedroom is a big deal. The design of the bedroom must reflect their hobbies, passions, preferences, and personal style. The tendency to experiment is never as great as at this age, and teenagers are not afraid to make design choices that would shock parents.

Because teenagers love to use their imagination, their examples of what constitutes a good design are sometimes peculiar. Are you a teenager who wants a bedroom in the style of Lord of the Flies, but words like “lord” and “flies” don’t give you any ideas? A sample essay will touch upon some key themes and images of the novel, so start by reading some essays about it to help you define a style.

Top Tips for Decorating a Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it’s natural to want it to express your preferences. Follow these tips to learn how to decorate a bedroom by incorporating all your favorite colors, materials, and moods.

1. Research

If you want your bedroom to reflect your obsession with Lord of the Flies, a good start is getting as informed as possible about the novel. Read some free essays and papers to delve deeper into the themes and symbolism of this literary work. Identify scenes and descriptions that bring up a visual image in your mind.

While reading, you could also underline items named in the book and then browse them in your favorite shop and add them to your shopping cart. Another good research method is to look at examples of bedroom design and decor online. Browse design websites and visually-rich platforms and save some ideas for later.


2. Choose the Colors and Mood

Before decorating a bedroom, you must establish what general mood you want the design to express. If your theme is Lord of the Flies, the design must reflect the themes of nature, primitivism, and wilderness that dominate the novel. The way you can achieve that is by choosing the right colors. Find and combine color samples to see how they work together.

Such a daring style as Lord of the Flies would require bold and dark primary colors with some restful tones of bright blue or green to counterbalance them. A good approach is to rely on contrasts by using many earth tones alongside more serene hues. Your decor must send you in that atmosphere of an isolated island where nature is both soothing and intimating. A good choice of colors can easily reproduce this mood.

3. Choose Minimalist Furniture

Since a theme like Lord of the Flies requires strong and rich colors, if you use massive furniture and a lot of decorations, your bedroom will fail to look inviting and restful. Even when choosing such an intriguing theme, you should still feel cozy in your bedroom.

To maintain a sense of resting balance, you should choose a minimalist decor by adding only basic furniture. Add a bed, a drawer, a desk, and a chair. Avoid anything that has no practical use and only contributes to clutter. You also need to remain consistent with your style, so choose natural furniture materials like dark wood.

Choose Minimalist Furniture

4. Final Touches Can Make a Difference

Good designers know that decorating a bedroom is a matter of being mindful of the smallest details. Tricks such as painting the ceiling, covering the windows, or adjusting the lighting can transform a bedroom completely. To remain consistent with your theme, use heavy, dark curtains for your windows, and go for ambient lighting.

How to decorate a bedroom is an example of a task where you can use the power of your imagination. Whether it’s your bedroom or your college dorm room, make sure it expresses your favorite feelings.

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