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How To Create A Cozy Bedroom For Better Sleep

Did you know that one of the main reasons you’re not getting good sleep could be your bedroom setting? You can be in control of the amount of sleep you get at night or during the day. The amount of sleep you get depends on several factors. It ranges from the temperature of your room to the light or the environment. Sleep is very important to us as it makes us function better. Cozy rooms are the key to great sleeping habits. Here is a guide on how to create a cozy bedroom to ensure better sleep. 

Choose a level sleeping mattress

The best way to get better sleep is by using an all-foam mattress made of high-quality, durable polyfoam. Not only do level sleep mattresses improve sleep, but they also relieve pain from the body and keep your spine in good form all night long. The level sleep mattress is also known as memory foam; it is designed to help people sleep better, especially if they have body aches. The first step to getting your cozy bedroom set up is to ensure you have the right mattress. 

Cover your windows

Leaving your windows open on windy nights does not necessarily mean you will have better sleep. Find the right curtains and make sure that even if your windows are open, the curtains serve as a protective layer. Close your windows every night and turn on the air conditioner with a humidifier on the side. You can also invest in a window seat as it helps to make your room cozier. By adding a few blankets and more pillows to your window seat, you create the right place for your afternoon nap. Curtains make the room cozy, and window seats make them even cozier, especially in the winter. 

Declutter often

Most of the time, one of the reasons why we struggle to get better sleep is because there are many things in our space. Your bedroom is meant to be a comfortable space to ensure better sleep. Find a storeroom for your shoe packs, electronics that are not being used, and other items that don’t serve daily purposes for you. Every morning, make your bed. If you have to eat in your room, don’t leave leftovers or plates scattered all over. Clean up your room, and declutter as often as you can. 

Choose warm colors

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Being able to get a good sleep depends on the color of your bedroom. The color you choose for your bedroom affects your mood and also your emotions. Choose bright and warm colors for your bedroom. There are darker colors like navy green, which have a calming effect on rooms. Ensure that the lighting in your room balances out the general color of your bedroom. When you have settled on the right color for your walls, focus on the colors for your bed sheets, pillows, and duvet. Dark colors in bedding can make sleeping uncomfortable as they make you feel hot. The best sheets to use for your bed sheet and pillows are either ivory or white, as they make the room cozy and improve your sleep.

Try new scents

Everyone talks about how good lavender is for sleep, but not much emphasis is laid on other scents that promote good sleep. If you use a diffuser or scented candle, try using the ylang-ylang, chamomile, or cedar scents in your bedroom. It eases your stress and promotes good sleep. You can turn on your diffuser every morning and have the scent circulate the room, setting the mood for a good and better sleep. You can also add scented flowers to the setup of your bedroom.

Move and position your furniture properly

Making your bedroom your comfort space is a good idea, but how much furniture can you have in your sleeping area? Position your bed properly by placing the headboard close to the wall. Keep your bed far from the door and in a space where the air comes in from the window. 

Use good lighting

The amount of light in your room is a personal decision. It is best to use soft lights. During the day, the brightness of your room should come from a natural source, while at night, you can brighten up your room with a soft desk lamp or fluorescent bulb. It is safe to note that you won’t need a lot of light if you’re trying to get better sleep. 

These tips will guide you through getting better sleep. An average adult should get about 7-8 hours of sleep every night, so it is important that you do all you can to ensure this happens.

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