How to Construct Buildings Faster?

Data shows that it takes approximately 11.7 months to complete the construction of a multi-family building with 20-plus units. In most cases, the primary causes of construction delays include bureaucracy or red tape and inadequate planning.

Moreover, unexpected circumstances like unreasonably dry, cold, wet, and hot weather can also damage scheduling and create unsafe working conditions. Keep in mind that at least two workers die each day in the United States as a result of construction-related injuries.

Lack of resources, like construction cameras, also contributes to project delays. Speeding up a commercial construction project is possible when every document is in order, and all of these tips are followed.

Create a Chain of Command

Establishing a chain of command enables your company to facilitate communications between clients and sub-contractors easily. This also ensures that many experts examine all the permits for pre-submittal and pre-approval purposes.

Note that a construction project usually involves environmental and water issues. Creating a chain of command allows construction companies to designate tasks to members to prevent hold-ups and ensure a smooth-sailing construction.
Create a Chain of Command

Having a social stratum also enables leaders to create performance metrics and hold their crew accountable. Performance measurements are an excellent motivation tool for workers, especially when rewards are attached to them.

Performance metrics will also enhance communication with your team and improve efficiency. A pecking order on a construction project also ensures the successful implementation of modular construction, prefabrication, and structural insulated panels (SIP) to your projects.

SIPs are perhaps the most flexible modern building technique with its ability to be applied on floors, walls, or even roof constructions. Pre-fab construction, meanwhile, concentrates mainly on the quality of tools and processes for faster build time.

Install Construction Cameras

Besides a chain of command, using advanced technologies like construction cameras can also speed up the building process. In general, a construction camera can produce high-quality photos, live videos, and movies that can be utilized to update clients during project meetings.

Other than that, construction cameras that include security recording and remote control features through a web interface can also provide project management tools.

At present, roughly 60% of construction firms are struggling to fill craft labor slots, according to the Associated General Contractors of America. With the use of the camera’s project management capabilities, managers can monitor progress in real-time.
Install Construction Cameras
With construction cameras, project managers can also find ways to handle the workflow of a smaller crew better. Plus, it also enables them to find out issues that could cause delays through time-lapse photography and live streaming.

Likewise, placing a construction camera also minimizes accidents and violations. Remember that construction companies will have to pay OSHA about $126,749 if it fails to follow the safety standards.

Other than that, cameras can likewise secure job sites against theft and robbery. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the construction industry suffers more than $1 billion in losses annually due to the theft of heavy equipment.

Also, cameras bring a psychological deterrent that discourages the would-be thieves. Construction cameras are also geared with encryption capabilities, which protect the camera feeds from interception.

Construction firms can no longer ignore the need for adopting innovative technologies to stay competitive.

A properly-placed construction camera can provide a massive return on investment in liability prevention and increased productivity. Know more about what it can bring by checking True Look.

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