How to Clean Your Home for Asthmatic Child


Asthma is an allergic respiratory condition. But that is not to say that the situation is uncontrollable. No, there are a few measures you can take to keep it under control. If you take the best actions, especially if you have an asthmatic child, you can even eliminate the complication. Let me tell you more.

Cleaning your home involves avoiding cigarettes, dirty pests, and using chemicals that are allergic. Again, eliminate environments that can allow mold to grow inside or out of your house. In this article, I will show you how to clean your home to keep your Asthmatic child safe.

1.Use Hypoallergenic

Use Hypoallergenic
Cleaning is crucial especially in a home with an allergic child. The products you use in your cleaning might kill germs, but they may be very dangerous for your asthmatic child. They may, therefore, cause allergy to children thereby causing complications to their respiratory system.

So, use Hypoallergic, fragrance-free and eco-friendly products for cleaning at your home.

2.Clean The Mold

Clean The Mold
Mold infestations, small or medium can hardly be noticed and relatively harmless to people free of asthmatic allergens, but it hits allergic children at a higher intensity. Since the child is highly sensitive to the patterns, he may start coughing, sneezing and wheezing. That is why you need to remove mold as soon as possible.

On the other hand, using Anti-mold sprays is also risky. Why? They contain chlorides that have an irritating smell that worsens asthma symptoms. Avoid them.

Also, avoid scrubbing the surfaces since you may expose your child to the spores moving in the air. Alternatively, you may decide to remove them when the child is not around.

After the removal, dry the areas completely to prevent the mold from coming back soon.
Better still, would be hiring a professional who deals explicitly with mold removal.

You see, the professionals, due to being in that field for long knows which chemicals can favor your asthmatic child. You can also use

3.Clean The Pets

Clean The Pets
Do you or your kids have pets? Well, pets are likely to be a significant threat to your asthmatic child. Well, it is a good idea for your child to have a pet. But keep the pet clean. Or else, keep it off the child’s room.

Also, if it sheds hairs very much, that’s hazardous to your allergic child. What do you do with a pet that sheds a lot of hairs? Dispose off your child’s lovely pet? Off course no. Make sure the pet does not spend much time in your child’s room to prevent its hair from falling on the child’s clothes. Also, make sure the room has free airflow. Brush them regularly to make sure you leave no (less) hair on the fabrics and garments.

The air the child breath also opts to be super clean. How do you go about that? Invest in air fresheners as explained below.

4.Clear The Air

Clear The Air
Fresh air is necessary for your allergic child. So, this is the best investment you can make. Use air purifiers to make sure the atmosphere is always free from allergens.

There are two types of air purifiers; a HEPA air purifier, and an Ionizer. They operate differently.

Ions that are electrically charged are sent out by Ionizer so as to bond with impurities to bring them down to the floor. On the other hand, a HEPA sucks air into a device through a particular dense. This dense refers to a physical filter that pushes out clean and traps airborne contaminants.

5.Clear The Cigarettes

Clear The Cigarettes
Cigarette smoke is hazardous to your asthmatic child. Never smoke indoors with an asthmatic child as it triggers asthmatic allergens. Not only so, but smoking cigarette indoors is exposing the child to the second smoke and asthma flares up. So, let your whole house remain tobacco-free, as it is bothersome to the allergic child.

Nevertheless, the recognized website Btrendie advises, Electric Rolling Machines can help you roll your own cigarettes thus helping you use tobacco that is pure which in return comes with fewer health issues.

Over to You

Does your child have asthma? You need to take the right measures to make sure that he is safe. That is, buy the best materials for cleaning. Ensure are fragrance and eco-friendly. Hire a professional to wipe any traces of mold, manage the pets by brushing them, and invest in air fresheners. Also, avoid using strong perfumes and smoking in the same room with your child.

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