How to Choose the Right Bed Frame For Your Bedroom

If you’re reading this, then I’m pretty sure you already know what a bed frame is.

Well, a bed frame is not just a place where your memory foam or innerspring mattress can call home. It’s also a focal point of your bedroom’s décor as it helps to add style and aesthetics to your bed. I will agree with you when you mention that bed frames are not an absolute necessity. But, these add-ons do make a difference when it comes to the overall comfort and appearance of your bed.

So, if you’re here and you’re looking forward to adding a frame to your bed, here are some essential tips you need to keep in mind.

Size matters

Size matters

The first thing you need to think of when choosing a frame for your bed is definitely the size. You see, your bed is obviously the largest piece of furniture that’s in your bedroom. Therefore, you need to find out a bed frame that will fit snugly in between the nightstands without eating much of your bedroom space.

In addition to that, keep in mind the type of bed that’s in your bedroom to ensure that the frame you buy will not fail to fit. Beds come in different styles and sizes ranging from a canopy, trundle, daybeds, bunk beds, Twin, Full, Queen or King beds.
How high?

This is another key consideration which most people tend to forget. Although it depends on your personal preference, the height of a frame can directly influence the look and feel of your bed. A high bed frame will give your bedroom a sense of grandeur and will reveal most of your floor space.

On the other hand, a low frame will create a feeling of peace in your bedroom and will hide much of your floor space. A low frame is the most recommended as it makes it easier for you to get in or out of the bed. It’s also much friendlier in case you have kids around as they can lie easily when reading or watching the TV.

Decorating style

Decorating style
When you’re done with the dimensions, the next key consideration is the decorating style. You see, your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. So, to create a warm, welcoming and peaceful environment, you need to keep it neat and aesthetically appealing.

To do this, you need to select a bed frame made of your favorite material. Do you like it covered in fabric? Will a highly-polished metal frame with intricate engravings catch your eyes? Or perhaps do you prefer one made of natural wood?

Well, there are many styles, designs, and textures to choose from when it comes to bed frames but, before making your choice, you need to check the texture of your bed and the color scheme in your bedroom to ensure that what you choose blends well with your current aesthetic.


Another factor that might be of mere importance when choosing a frame is mobility. How easy is it to move your bed around when cleaning? Also, how easy is it to fold your bed in case you need to move? With such questions in mind, you, therefore, need to choose a frame that’s light enough to take down and fold in case you need to move.

Support and durability

Support and durability
This is another key factor you can’t fail to check. Is the frame durable enough to endure the test of time? Is it supportive enough? To ensure that you’re well supported, you need to choose a heavy-duty frame that will offer added strength. Likewise, the frame you choose must be durable enough to give you more years of restful nights.

Any extra uses?

Any extra uses
The primary purpose of a bed is to offer a peaceful resting place. But, would it hurt if your frame offered other uses? You see, following an onset in technology, frames can be customized to feature drawers underneath the mattress where you can keep your clothes, shoes or toiletries.


So you have it all. As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right bed frame for your bedroom. Since getting quality sleep is one of the most important things, always make sure that what you choose meets your personal needs and your bedroom aesthetics.

Also, it doesn’t hurt if you can read through customer reviews just to see what other customers are saying about bed frames. Always consider the price and most importantly, keep in mind that a bed frame can make a big difference in your overall sleeping experience.

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