How to Choose the Right Awnings for Your Home

Do you want to create additional living space in your garden while protecting yourself and garden furniture from harmful UV rays? If so, installing an awning is the perfect solution. Keep reading below for some top tips on choosing the most suitable awning for your home.

Bear These Tips in Mind When Purchasing Awnings

Purchasing Awnings

Here are some pointers that you ought to remember when purchasing awnings so that you can buy the right solution for your home the first time.

  • Choose the most appropriate material for your needs

Different materials have different maintenance requirements. Aluminium is perhaps the sturdiest option, but there’s little room for customisation. Fabrics, on the other hand, come in an extensive range of designs and colours. They may require a little more upkeep than aluminium awnings, but there are more options available.

  • Don’t forget to think about the angle of your awning

Many people overlook the angle of their awnings, but it’s certainly something you should consider. If you intend to install your awning next to a south-facing window, the drop can be 45 to 60% because less coverage is required to provide adequate shelter from the sun. If you plan on installing an awning on an east or west-facing window, we recommend an angle of 65 to 75%.

Don’t forget to think about the angle of your awning

  • Consider whether you want side panels

Side panels aren’t always necessary, but they can alter the architectural appearance of your awnings. They can also provide shelter from different angles if required as well as boost the appearance of your garden.

  • Which style of awning do you require?

Do you want stationary, freestanding or retractable solutions? Retractable awnings give you control over how much natural sunlight can enter your outdoor area, meaning you can simply roll them away at night when the stars are shining or during the day if you want to get a tan. Freestanding awnings may be less versatile, but they’re ideal if you wish to permanently store things such as barbecues underneath.

  • Take size into consideration

The size of awning you choose largely depends on how much space you have available and what purpose you wish to achieve. Small awnings work well as decorative pieces while large awnings can create additional living space in your garden due to the shade they provide.

  • Choose the right colour

It’s a good idea to choose a colour that matches that of your outdoor furnishings and interior décor. That way, you can create a sense of flow between your home and garden. You might want to ask an architect or awning supplier for advice to make sure you choose the right style, design and colour of awning.

Choose the right colour

Choosing the Right Supplier

When searching for a supplier and installer of awnings, make sure you choose a company that boasts a wealth of experience so that they can provide useful advice. Also, search for a provider that has a wide variety of options available so that you can find the perfect solution for your home’s style and functionality requirements.

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