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How to Choose the Petrol Chainsaw: The Most Important Tips

How to Choose the Petrol Chainsaw: The Most Important Tips

Majority of the people today use shears to prune tall shrubs and overgrown plants in the yard. However, sometimes these gardening tools might not provide the adequate services needed and the only consideration is using a chainsaw. Initially, chainsaws were considered crucial tools for loggers and farmers, but a today chainsaw is a tool for everyone as it is used in a wide range of activities from creating fences, felling trees and cutting firewood.

A chainsaw is the most powerful and unsafe gardening tool to buy from the market. Therefore, you must choose the best professional chainsaw that’s excellent in most gardening practices.

Whether you are cutting a whole tree or a grown over the tree, the most important thing to know is that you must have the right tool that suits the job. Therefore, before you go purchasing your petrol-powered chainsaw, there are basic tips that you must consider so that you get the best-loved chainsaw available in the market.

Every chainsaw has its specific job recommendations and here is a list of the most helpful tips to enable buyers like you made an informed decision and chose the best chainsaw, best suited for all your gardening needs. My guide is written according to the article I found on the site MenToolBox about Husqvarna Сhainsaw comparison.

Additionally, selecting the right chainsaw is vital; because the unfit one might not help you accomplish all your gardening needs and it can also be dangerous to work with it. If you are a homeowner, a logger or a foresighted farmer use the tips below as a guide in selecting the best petrol chainsaw.

Weight and Power

Weight And Power

In case you are inexperienced using a chainsaw; you should choose a lighter petrol chainsaw. Even if you are a professional user of a chainsaw, a low weight one will be the best for you.

Before buying your petrol chainsaw, you must also look at its power, and it must be able to handle the intended job. If you are a dealer in heavy work, you will need a more powerful petrol chainsaw with the right cutting chainsaw specifications.

Vibrations Are Dangerous

Make sure your chosen petrol chainsaw has the lowest vibration possible. This feature helps to minimize the risk of damaging your hands. You can use a vibration calculator to determine the vibration level of your chosen chainsaw.

Petrol or Electric Chainsaw

Petrol chainsaw is the best option to work with if you work for extra-long hours because you will not be required to carry batteries everywhere you go, unlike the electric one that needs you to equip yourself with at least two spare batteries for an effective job.


Go for a petrol chainsaw that has minimal or zero emissions at all. This is for your good and meeting the regulations of most countries prohibit such discharges because they pollute the environment.


Choose the petrol chainsaw that will provide you the best stability and fits well within your hands. Your chainsaw must give an excellent grip to shift between your hands without the chainsaw losing balance from your hands. This is of the essence while using the chainsaw.


Safety is one of the most basic features to consider when choosing your petrol chainsaw. Choose a chainsaw that has many safety aspects that are tested and certified for human use. It’s the only feature you must take with the weight it requires to avoid unnecessary injuries. The chainsaw of your choice must come with the right protective wears to use at work.

However much cautious we might be when working, the fact remains that accidents do happen. Shit happens! You must, therefore, put in place the right safety measures required when dealing with a chainsaw. Follow the safety measures below when using a petrol chainsaw:

  • Using a map, cite your workstations and mark them and make sure at least one or two people know your working areas.
  • Carry a reliable mobile phone while at work so that in case of an emergency, you can contact someone for assistance.
  • Plan your work early enough to know what you will need and whether it requires a company or not.
  • Park your car near your workstation, facing in the direction of exit to have an easy escape or mad dash for help.
  • You must have a first aid kit to treat minor injuries that are sometimes common when working with machines.
  • Carry a whistle with you. This sounds “boy scout like” but noise can be such an essential tool for passing a message of someone in danger.

Easy maintenance

To save your time and money to maintain your chainsaw regularly, make sure you choose a chainsaw with a proper fuel pump and air filter which are easily accessible. In case the chainsaw goes loose, it must be effortless to tighten it.


Size is a significant aspect when choosing the right petrol chainsaw.

Use the following features when looking at the dimensions of your chainsaw:

  • Expertise and experience: Go for a small chainsaw that will give you an easy time while moving around doing your task. Too heavy chainsaw is tiresome. Your hands and arms will tire so much and more often while working. And this poses many risks to you.
  • Size of trees and wood types: If you deal in hardwoods, choose the most powerful and a large petrol chainsaw. Cutting huge sized trees and woods using a small chainsaw will be tedious because the chainsaw will be subjected to unnecessary wear and great strain.

Guide Bar Length

The right guide bar of a chainsaw is depended on the size of the trees to cut and in some cases the experience level of the user. If you have the required expertise in handling a chainsaw, then choose the one with a minimum of two guide bar lengths of different standards, to allow you change the guide bar length as per the tree size to cut. A guide bar with a shorter length is lightweight hence easier to carry when involved in a limping task. If you deal in larger trees, then a longer guide bar will be your choice.


Now, these are the tips and user guides to help you choose the best petrol chainsaw. Petrol-powered chainsaw is the most powerful and is excellent for often jobs because it doesn’t require any electrical cord. Therefore choose a petrol-powered chainsaw to serve you for a great distance.

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