What are the Six Everyday Things You Might be Doing to Hurt Your Roof?

Homeowners rarely understand the roofing needs of their homes. The only times some people think about repairing and replacing their roof is after a storm. People mostly wait till their roofs start showing telltale signs of damage before calling professional roofers. The truth is that the damage begins a long time before the storm, earthquake or fallen branch on the roof.
There are a few things that assault roofs continually, and you need to ensure that you are keeping your roof safe from them. Here is a list of six things people ignore that damages the roofs the most –

1. Leaks and Molds

Leaks and Molds

When water starts to seep into through the roof into your walls and ceiling, you can almost certainly find mold on the roof. Matters become complicated when you let the leakage fester. Homeowners have the propensity to sweep these problems under the rug unless the leakage or molding is not severe. The CDC states that mold makes it difficult for homes to retain a healthy indoor environment.

2. DIY-ing roof repairs and replacement

DIY-ing roof repairs and replacement
There is nothing that hurts more than DIY roof replacement. Apart from getting some necessary workout, many homeowners opt for DIY maintenance to save money. If you are planning to do that as well, we want you to take a step back. Do you have the same training as the Stell Roofing professionals? Do you have the safety equipment they have? Roofing is not easy. You need to consult with local roofing companies and get near-accurate quotes before you make your decision. Some will inspect the damage free of cost!

3. Unclean gutters

Unclean gutters
When you do not clean your gutters regularly, where do you think the overflowing water goes first? Blocked drains from ice dams during the winter season. It can easily cause roof breakages, and they are challenging to remove. Ice dams hurt roof tiling, the shingles and the inner layers of insulation. Cleaning your gutter regularly can help you save a fortune each spring.

4. Pressure washing

Pressure washing
It might seem like a great idea to wash the dirt and scum off the roof with pressure washers, but it is not the best idea for cleaning roofs. Roofs have several layers of protection, and there is a chance that you will end up challenging the integrity of the protective coatings on the roof.

5. The big fun holiday lights

The big fun holiday lights
Installing lights, figurines, and silhouettes on your roof require some nailing, some gluing and some tying. The weight of these installations can cause the tiles to crack under pressure. The nailing and tying can challenge the strength of the roof in particular places. It can lose its foundation pretty quickly under the heavy snow.

6. Walking on the roof

Walking on the roof
It might seem utterly ridiculous to you since it feels incredible to walk on the roof at times. Everyone has done it multiple times during the spring and the summer months. Some kids love to sneak up on the roof for some privacy! However, the uneven distribution of pressure on the tiling can cause cracks and leaks. Minimize the weight as much as possible by reducing foot traffic.
Taking care of a roof is not easy work. However, with the assistance of a professional roofing company you should be able to refrain from engaging in practices that assaults your roof every day.

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