How to choose house paint colors?

Choosing the perfect house paint colors is one of the most important decisions concerning the whole process of house renovation. And the most challenging at the same time. Why is it so? Because your house paint colors can be seen by everyone going past your house. The right house paint color can add beauty and value to your house in the eyes of the potential buyers. Look at the tips on how to choose house paint colors.

Tip no. 1 Look around your neighborhood

Before typing house painters near me into the search engine, do the research of your neighborhood. Analyze the style of  your house, and the houses around you – is your house a modern bungalow, or more Victorian-like style? Pastel color walls of a bungalow will look great, while a Victorian-like house needs bright and vivid colors. During the research you can also see which paint colors look nice, and which of them should be avoided. If you like any of them – go for them!

Tip no. 2 Don’t trust the trends

We would all love to be fashionable, admired by other people, but what today is trendy, may be out-of-date in two years. If the house paint color is both trendy and nice to you, that’s fine. The worst solution is choosing the color that is trendy, ut you hate it, only for 5 minutes of fame. What will you do in 2 years? Stay at home most of the time not to see the exterior of your house?

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Tip no. 3 Look at your house carefully

There are probably some fixed colors on the house walls, or around it that won’t change. It may be the color of the roof, the stone path in the garden, or the landscape around the house. Is the roof already green? Is there lots of greenery around? Painting your house walls green could be too much.

The visual effect is important too – a big house with too dark colors will look overwhelming, and a small house with too light colors won’t feel cozy.

Tip no. 4 Use color wheel rules, test  the paint, choose the painting expert

We should rely on color wheel rules, which show us which house color combinations to use. We may go for a dominant shade and two accents. You can use hues in the same family next to each other, or the complementary colors.

Before making the final decision, get color samples so as not to be surprised when you see the paint color on the walls of your house.

However, the most important tip is to choose the best painting expert, who will help you make the final decision. Check my painting projects on

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