How to Choose an Efficient Window Replacement


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You likely want a window replacement so that you can upgrade your energy efficiency. Window companies offer a range of window options that can help you save money on your energy bills throughout the year. But as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for, so if you try to go with a cheap window installation, you could end up having to replace them again much sooner than expected. Here is what you should look for when it’s time for new window installation services that will be energy-efficient.


New wood window frames are extremely popular and energy-efficient. Maintenance on this window style is simple, as are most repairs, and they can be painted to suit your tastes. These windows are vulnerable to rot and insect damage, however. Although quality window manufacturers produce them clad in vinyl or aluminum, or the windows are treated with a water-repellant for durability, future window replacements will be few and far between.


As they offer excellent moisture resistance, a vinyl window installation is a nice choice. Their energy efficiency is on par with wood windows when insulated properly. This is a low-maintenance solution but vinyl windows can fade as they age, especially the darker color options. So avoid them becoming brittle by going with lighter color choices for longer-lasting windows.

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If you’re looking for strength in your windows, aluminum is a good option, but for energy efficiency, this is the wrong choice. Metal conducts heat, it’s easy for condensation to form leaving you with moisture problems, potential mold growth, and frost in the winter. This is usually the cheapest way to go for a window replacement.


Fiberglass window frames are offered by window companies as an alternative to wood or vinyl. They require painting so maintenance needs are much higher than other window solutions. Also, finding insulated energy-efficient fiberglass windows can be difficult. Expect to pay more for these than a fully insulated vinyl window installation.

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