5 Key Benefits of Siding



A new siding replacement can have a dramatic effect on a home in so many ways. Your home can truly benefit from a new siding installation, making it a very valuable investment.

Raise the Bar on the Appearance of Your Home: A good siding contractor in Chicago using top-quality material, like James Hardie siding, can be transformative for your home. A beautiful siding installation can make your home look new and well-cared-for.

Increased Property Value: A siding replacement in Chicago is an investment in your home that rewards you. You can raise your home’s value by an average of 80% of the cost of your siding installation. That’s possibly the best return you will see in any home renovation.

Better Home Energy Efficiency: Many Chicago homeowners are aware that new windows and doors can have a positive effect on the energy efficiency of a home. But what is not as well-known is that a new siding installation can have a similar effect or an even better one. Before the new siding is installed, our siding company adds house wrap and insulation to seal any drafty spots, so the energy savings you receive are felt month after month through lower bills.

Catch and Repair Problems Before They Get Worse: Some homes are designed with greater risk factors for water leaks, mold, and rot hiding beneath the siding. Without handling these issues, the structure of a home can suffer extensive damage inside and out. Your new siding installation in Chicago will keep your home sealed and free of mold.

No More Cheap Vinyl Plastic: Vinyl siding tends to have a poor reputation as a flimsy material that lacks style, but that’s not fair of today’s vinyl siding. There is a big difference between the old vinyl siding that earned that reputation and the new vinyl siding that looks fabulous.

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