How to Bring Tie-Dye Designs Into Your Home [5 Fun Ideas]

Tie-Dye is taking over the home! Jump on this awesome new decor trend with any of these five fun ideas. From the bedroom to the kitchen, your space will be rad!

Tie-dye has made a huge comeback on the home decor scene. Once popular back in the 1960s, this trend is now moving from fashion to interior design.

As major brands bring the look to their floors and racks, people are scouring the DIY pages by the thousands. Tie-dye clothing, furniture, accessories, and more are top keywords for Google searches.

If you love colors, and you love the fun of tie-dye, you, too, can have this look in your home. Celebrities, social influencers, and interior designers all follow this trend — so you’ll be in good company!

With these five tie-dye design ideas, the favorite fashion look of the ‘60s can be your interior design scheme today.

1. Bring Tie-Dye to the Bedroom

If you can tie-dye t-shirt material, why not other fabrics, too?

Manufacturers of cloth products have jumped on board this fashion trend since its resurgence. It seems like the global quarantine reminded millions of people that they could DIY with this craft, and it’s picked up steam!

Beyond sweatshirts and sweatpants, there are lots of other ways to bring tie-dye into your home through your bedroom. Now, the trend is tie-dye comforters, sheets, and curtains.

DIY curtains are easy. With a clamp and a few strategic folds, you can turn any curtain fabric into a tie-dye masterpiece. If you know how to sew pillows, the same method works for that fabric, too.

Comforters and sheets are a little more complicated. It might be easier (and less messy!)  for those new to the tie-dye scene to buy your bed sets.

Tie-dye comes in multiple varieties, now. 

Choose from designs like these and then create your own accessories to match:

The best part about this style is that you can pick the colors and patterns you want to create or buy. There’s no right or wrong way to tie-dye!

Tie-Dye to the Bedroom

2. Tie-Dye the Walls

What started as a temporary fix for a permanent problem, removable wallpaper, is now taking over the wallpapering business. Tie-dye styles are just one of the many different ways you can cover your walls.

The perfect solution for adding tie-dye to a room without causing damage, peel-and-stick adhesive is the magic trick. There’s no water or prep time needed. 

All you do is buy the pattern you want. Cut it to size, then slide it up against the wall. Peel away the backing and carefully adhere it to the flat, clean surface. When you’ve finished, you’ve got tie-dyed walls without a mess!

3. Add Tie-Dye to Your Wall Art

How you use your walls as part of your home decor makes a big difference to the room’s atmosphere. Blank, empty spaces leave the overall space feeling cold and sterile.

With a tie-dye wall art hanging up, the room turns from blah to fun instantly!

If you love arts and crafts, designing your own wall art is the way to go. Choose almost any fabric that can be tie-dyed, then decide if you want to make it a canvas, a tapestry, or hang it in a shadow box or other frame. 

But if you’d rather buy your wall art, it’s easy to find. Once you know what style you’re looking for and if you want a canvas, tapestry, or framed print, you can narrow down your search.

4. Tie-Dye Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen can be the brightest area in the home. It’s not uncommon to find yellows and bright reds in this room, or rustic and contemporary styles.

Ready to brighten up your own kitchen? 

Now you can swap out the old rooster or minimalist themes and replace them with tie-dye accessories!

Some manufacturers have already gone retro with their appliances. You might not be able to replace your fridge and stove yet, but you can update your accessories to tie-dye varieties.

There are entire lines of kitchen gadgets available in this fashion trend. When you are ready to move from traditional to tie-dye, start replacing your current items slowly. 

These eye-popping alternatives will get you started:

If you’re determined to have matching tie-dye appliances and can’t find any — don’t give up! That removable paper you used to cover the walls works just as well on flat, clean surfaces like your fridge and microwave.

Tie-Dye to Your room

5. Make Your Patio Pop With Tie-Dye

Spread your tie-dye love to your patio, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. With a little redecorating and some DIY touches, this area will become your new favorite hang-out spot.

Start with your plants because they not only look great, but they give you health benefits, too. Live plants inside a room improve the air quality around them. They can help your immune system and give your mood a boost!

If you don’t already have some, any plant that you know how to take care of in your climate will work. Then look for a tie-dye planter or a macrame hanger. Because it’s tie-dyed, the color of your plant’s flower doesn’t matter. It will match no matter what!

For indoor rooms, add a tie-dye rug to the area. Perk up outdoor patios with a stylish weather-proof rug that matches.

From there, your patio furniture could use a tie-dye overhaul! One option is to replace it with already-made chairs and lounges. Another is to use your DIY knowledge to tie-dye the fabric and cover the furniture you already have.


Tie-dye is a fun trend that’s always coming back in style. With so many different varieties to choose from, there’s sure to be a design you’ll fall for.

These five tie-dye decor ideas will help you bring the peace, love, and happiness vibe of the ‘60s back into your own home.

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