How to Bring Colours to a Living Room Without the Paintbrush?

Usually, when someone hears words like “interior”, “home decorating” and “adding colours”, the imagination begins to create an image of piles of dust, wall removing and other messy construction works. Well, we ask each of you to slow down a little. Adding colours to the interior can be painless, effortless and there is no need to spend all of your money savings. Choosing stylish IKEA cushion covers, bringing a little bit of Mother Nature inside and a few more simple methods is all you should prepare yourself for when lighting up a living room.

Colour that floor

Colour that floor

Colourful, textured rug, placed in front of a sofa, chair or simply under a coffee table will add colour to a living room without any major decorating projects. You may ask, what colour to choose? Well, there are two options: either you pick a bold, contrasting colour featuring floral or any other print or if you wish to keep it simple, choose a subtle tone, darker than the furniture and walls surrounding the rug. The most important part – make sure that the pattern would tie into the theme of a room.

Pillows, pillows everywhere

Pillows with IKEA cushion covers made of different fabrics and textures are the easiest and simplest way to add colours to any room. Strategically placed pillows on the furniture, combined with overall interior design, can turn even the gloomiest room into a bright happy place. If you have a floral sofa or chair, throw some solid colour pillows and, on the contrary, patterned and textured pillows will match perfectly any solid chair or sofa.

Invite Mother Nature home

Invite Mother Nature home
You may start saying that you don‘t have time to take care of plants, however, there are some that need little attention. Green tones are significant for adding colour, personality, positive energy and fragrance. Of course, if you insist on not having any plants, green IKEA cushion covers will do the job perfectly. Oh, and don‘t forget about artificial flora! Besides flowers and plants, there are also many home accessories like vases, photo frames, candles and many others that can be coloured in green. Use your imagination!

The power of covers

It‘s not a secret that many across the globe have fallen for the Scandinavian, simplistic and minimalistic style of IKEA furniture collections. Meanwhile, the rest choose other manufacturers that best suit their tastes and needs. However, IKEA and other furniture designers have one thing in common – it‘s changeable covers.

Even if we don‘t want to face it, the reality is that life is full of accidental dirt, stains and spills. And taking that into consideration, IKEA cushion covers and many other covers were made to save the day. But it‘s not all – by being changeable, they can greatly contribute to adding colour to the living room. Especially, if all the shelves and other surfaces are cramped with precious accessories and there is no place for more.
The power of covers
It doesn‘t matter what colour you would like to incorporate into your home interior – let it be red, yellow, blue or any other. Just unzip the cover, change it with another and voila! A fast, effortless and cost-effective way to make a living room more colourful.

Life is much more fun with colours in it! It doesn‘t matter if you add them with IKEA cushion covers, artificial flora, pillows, rugs or any other interior accessories. All that matters is the positive emotions you will feel every time you step into your living room. Put major decorating projects aside – it‘s time for some painless changes.

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