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How to Balance Safety and Fun in Your Swimming Pools

A homes’ leisure spot is key to bring families close together. One of the best places to immerse in close, intimate moments with friends, guests, and loved ones is the swimming pool.

When everyone gathers by the poolside, the concrete surface of the pool decks wears out. To keep the fun going and secure safety for everyone at the pool, concrete steps surrounding it must be kept in perfect condition. 

One important maintenance is keeping the pool’s deck slip-resistant. Avoid tripping and falling accidentally. According to the professional pool installers of St. Louis epoxy coatings, regular cleaning and using the right tools should keep your concrete steps in perfect shape.

Today’s post provides you with facts and tips for your swimming pool maintenance straight from the experts.

Three Simple Tips to Keep Swiming Pools A Safe Place to be

1- Seal the Concrete Decks for Safety

To create a safe space in your pool’s deck, you may either have it sealed, resurfaced, or simply add decorative designs. Pool decks are prone to abrasions. Eventually, these hair-thin-like cracks can grow into holes, broken steps, or, worsts, sinking slabs. 

If these flames are left unmended, they might result in severe damages like corrosion, eventually crippling the concrete foundation. Instead of overhauling the entire pool deck slabs, consult concrete specialists to avert costly solutions.

The guys at sandiegopooldecking.com share their experience with working on various pool deck coatings. You, too, can DIY sealing your pool deck when a quick refinish is what you need. Prepare for yourself your own DIY pool repair kit. In this way, your family’s safety is fully cared-of right in your own hands.

2- Seal the Decks to Prevent Moisture

A concrete floor’s number one villain is moisture. That is why in the past, the materials preferred for pools are tiled floorings. However, constant water exposure poses a persisting challenge. Even with concrete overlays, moisture can still build up in the substrates of the pool’s decking.

Today, a lot of innovative ideas surfaced to resist water damages in the concrete. Here are some modern pool decking materials to get familiar with:

  • Composite wood decks
  • Spray Trowel Texture Pool Decks
  • Stained Concrete Decks
  • Exposed Aggregates
  • Pebble Deco Stone Concrete

These are innovative materials that increase surfaces’ slip-resistance. To prevent moisture from coming into their substrates, a concrete sealer finishes the top coating. 

Now, young and old, enjoy a refreshing spot beside the splashing waters, free from any worries of slipping, tripping, or falling

3- Environment-Friendly Concrete Installation

It is not enough that you consider people’s safety. Do you know that by using low VOC floor coatings, you are also protecting Mother Earth? An epoxy-enhanced floor sealer has low VOC. 

Cement decks have porous core materials. When water gets in contact with porous construction materials, harmful chemical residues disperse above the air. These emissions are unseen particles that can harm the air you breathe. 

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So, when you apply protective sealers, it will protect the floors and protect your health. Furthermore, it protects the environment.

Not only it has low volatile compound emission. When you revamp the pool decks with epoxy sealers, the concrete strengthens. You will also get a low probability of throwing away damaged concrete. It saves the natural reservoir of cement and aggregates. 

More Facts about Sealing for Safety

To end, here are more facts about how sealing your swimming pool’s concrete steps is beneficial:

  • Limits possibilities of crack problems
  • Concrete becomes waterproof
  • Resurfacing with overlays and coatings creates durable flooring
  • Concrete sealing offers slip resistance
  • Regular maintenance keeps you from expensive general repair
  • Sealers enhance the deck’s aesthetic appeal

A rule of thumb is the air temperature sticks between 50 and 90 degrees while rolling the product consistently for uniform coverage. Contractors ensure that the bare slab is free from dirt and moist before application to achieve better results. 

You can also opt to look for cool videos of how a concrete contractor in Los Angeles splashed in some action doing a pool deck revamp. According to concrete experts, one coating is enough for sealing the entire pool deck.

To Wrap Up

Provide your loved ones with a chill and cool spot to bathe in fun. But, above all else, put their safety first. You can provide this with constant maintenance using the right tools and getting tips from reliable experts.

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